Crashes both at stock 2500K settings and overclocked. I can pretty much make it to that first building where you grapple down the guard, and then I lose it.

One thing I have noticed -- this game pushes my GPUs the hardest out of anything I have installed on this new build. Fans on the cards are going like mad, like I'm running a stress test, and then when the crash happens the fans shut right down. I don't even think Crysis pushes them as much. HL2 can run maxxed out for hours and I barely notice the GPU fans (granted, that's much older).

I can't find JC2's setting for disabling motion blur?

I'm also going to try disabling SLI and running one 560, mabye drop resolution some. I'm starting to this is a TWIWMTBP, BCATM problem with this game specifically.