The issue/bug makes it impossible to get 100% loot on chapter 6. You're supposed to get two loot items in the burning room, one of which is in a locked box. For some reason no matter how perfectly I get into the room and swoop down the stairs and picklock the box it's impossible to open it before I'm on fire.

I've watched two walkthrough videos and both of those the players have plenty enough time to get both items. For example in one the guy enters the room, the roof crashes and so on, he grabs the first item, backtracks to grab the food, swoops down the stairs and accidentally gets stuck peering behind the endtable before going for a picklock. He gets the item and doesn't burn. On another the player gets the candlestick, gets to picklocking quickly and you can see in the video when getting the second click correct the fire is starting on top of the stairs. Plenty time for him.

When I'm at the box picklocking the fire is already at the middle of the stairs. There is physically not enough time to do enough. I've reloaded and reloaded, from different parts, from a checkpoint and from a manual save from the start of the docks and I cannot get the box open before I'm on fire. Out of about 20 tries I think I've managed to finish picklocking twice, but not open the box because... yeah, I'm on fire. I restarted the whole chapter once and no. I shut off the whole console and let it wait a couple of minutes and no.

I'm on PS3 and I'm a completionist. I want my loot. This has got to be some sort of technical issue. IS there anything I can do?

edit: 7 videos. I'm increasingly annoyed.