Thread: Newspapers missing after final chapter (MINOR SPOILER)

Newspapers missing after final chapter (MINOR SPOILER)

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    Newspapers missing after final chapter (MINOR SPOILER)

    So, I made a final push to get through the final chapters of the game with plans to go back for my OCD completion after the main story ended. My stats tell me I am missing 5 newspapers - none of which are in Chapter play. Well, they are simply not in the game anymore. I'll give an example (MINOR SPOILER):

    I have gone back to an earlier save to see if these same newspapers are missing then as well. They are not. All are where they are supposed to be.

    It is important to note that if you have found and read a newspaper previously in the City, it will be there after the end-game sequence. So, this only affects the ones you did not read.

    Overall, this does not affect game-play as no achievements are attached to it. It does annoy the heck out of anyone like me who sees "12/17" and wants that to read "17/17". I've not seen this logged anyplace else except in the 4th patch thread stickied in these forums. So, I wanted to start a topic on this hoping it would get noticed and resolved.

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    This newspaper (shown in spoiler above) is also missing from my playthrough. Currently completed through chapter 4.