Thread: Chapter 1 Jewelry store question - resolved

Chapter 1 Jewelry store question - resolved

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    Chapter 1 Jewelry store question - resolved

    So I bought this game and love it so far but here comes the problem. I am in the Jewelry store and have cleared both guards out and have taken all of the loot. So before I head upstairs I head down to the basement and proceed to take the jeweler out after he reads his letter. I take him out from behind and it lays him down then says MISSION FAILED or whatever it says when you mess up. I tried it 5 or 6 times same result I take him out then lay him down and it says MISSION FAILED. So I tried to go upstairs I take the sleeping guard out with no problem just like I did with the other two guards down stairs and I then proceed to take the old woman out sitting in the chair from behind and I do and once she hits the ground it says MISSION FAILED. I mean what the heck is that about. I can't even play the game its so glitched. PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!!!! I hate to the think that I wasted my money on this game.

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    Are you on "Master" difficulty? You can't hurt civilians.
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    Yes I am playing on Master difficulty. I sure didn't know that you couldn't knock out the civilians. So I can knock out guards but not reg peeps that is just weird. Thanks for the reply

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    I sure didn't know that you can't knock out a civilian like you can a guard that is just weird. So you can't do anything to the civilians but avoid being seen by them then or what ? Also if they see you do you fail the mission or can I run or what ?

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    Why do you choose Master in the first place if you are not familiar with Thief gameplay? If civilians see you, they run to call a guard and you lose undetected bonus. If you play on custom difficulty - you might have chosen "No alerts" which doesn't allow alerts at all.

    The best way to play the game is to avoid knocking out people. Stick to the shadows, break the line of sight and plan your movement.

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    I chose to play on MASTER level because I play all of my games on the highest difficulty level. That is how I have done it since I was a child.