Thread: 360 Title Update (23/04/2014)

360 Title Update (23/04/2014)

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    360 Title Update (23/04/2014)

    As with the PS3 we've released a TU (title update) for all 360 versions.

    Most of the fixes are identical across the platforms (but will repeat)

    • Fix several missing documents in the game
    • Fixed values for obstruction/occlusion
    • Fixed Credits music
    • Improved Map 021 music levels.
    • Overrode Occlusion values for opened portal to a proper value.
    • Fixed QuestGiver SmartObjects weren't playing their sounds on the right
    • Prevent use of the back button on Collection Rewards screen.
    • Make the Spectral Aspect trinket actually do something
    • Fixed ScaleForm video not supporting 7.1 configuration and fallbacking to mono.
    • Fixed Overall music volume. (-6dBFS)
    • Fixed Mesh Obstruction being set to 0% / 0% on everything.
    • Fixed music in map 065. (-18dBFS)
    • Accessing MenuScreenMC when its probably NULL because of a message that is not sent within a good timing
    • Prevent saving regular checkpoint while interacting with a streaming window as it would result in a OOW on reload.
    • Stat overwriting bug fix with global stats
    • Fixing the save/load problems caused with the timestamps of save files. ("Future save file" bugs)
    • Prevent PawnHero to be teleported too low when applying checkpoint record on the player controller after being saved crouched. *Crouch is well supported when applying checkpoint record to the PawnHero, but the player controller do a SetLocation on is pawn before we applying checkpoint to it
    • Fixed music not having its gameplay state set in the 060A challenge map. <-thas me hehe
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    Not great, still problem with save corrupted, and lost save game when exit game, sometime it took (bleep) frozen game. I think I m stupid to take that updated in my console to make worst.!