Thread: SCEA/SCEE PS3 Patch 01.02 (23/04/2014)

SCEA/SCEE PS3 Patch 01.02 (23/04/2014)

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    SCEA/SCEE PS3 Patch 01.02 (23/04/2014)

    Hey folks.. PS3 Patch has just gone live (9am GMT). This should update all disc and digital users.. Both US and EU..

    The EU patch is larger then the US patch as it includes some language fixes which the US version does not support.

    PS4 patch incoming too.

    Fix list:

    • Fix several missing documents in the game
    • Fixed values for obstruction/occlusion
    • Fixed Credits music
    • Improved Map 021 music levels.
    • Overrode Occlusion values for opened portal to a proper value.
    • Fixed QuestGiver SmartObjects weren't playing their sounds on the right
    • Prevent use of the back button on Collection Rewards screen.
    • Make the Spectral Aspect trinket actually do something
    • Fixed ScaleForm video not supporting 7.1 configuration and fallbacking to mono.
    • Fixed Overall music volume. (-6dBFS)
    • Fixed Mesh Obstruction being set to 0% / 0% on everything.
    • Fixed music in map 065. (-18dBFS)
    • Accessing MenuScreenMC when its probably NULL because of a message that is not sent within a good timing
    • Prevent saving regular checkpoint while interacting with a streaming window as it would result in a OOW on reload.
    • Stat overwriting bug fix with global stats
    • Fixing the save/load problems caused with the timestamps of save files. ("Future save file" bugs)
    • Prevent PawnHero to be teleported too low when applying checkpoint record on the player controller after being saved crouched. *Crouch is well supported when applying checkpoint record to the PawnHero, but the player controller do a SetLocation on is pawn before we applying checkpoint to it
    • Fixed music not having its gameplay state set in the 060A challenge map.
    • Russian Wav plus Video <-thas me hehe
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    Sweet. I'll have to fire up the game on my PS3 and check these fixes out. Thanks for the patch!