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Prima eGuide Loot # 138

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    Prima eGuide Loot # 138 and # 331

    In Prima eGuide there is no loot # 138 in Poets Abode and # 331 in Jeb Chokes's Hideout

    And in City i collect only 396/398

    Where it can be?!

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    im in the same situation. sitting at 397/398 city loot. was so frustrated i bought this guide and as it turns out they have the same problem.

    can anyone confirm that last piece of loot exists?

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    I read somewhere that Prima Games has confirmed that there is indeed no asset/collectible #138 in the game. This is where you need to find a mattress and 4 coins (in the Prima Guide), but there are only 3 coins, not 4. So the maximum loot you can find is indeed only 397 of the 398.

    You were asking about #331 in Jeb Choke's hideout? This is a pair of scissors that is on the guard (Jeb?) who attacks you in there. When you kill him/knock him out, he will have a pair of scissors on his person. Make sure to check him carefully.

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    I found that picking Jeb's pocket completed the mission but did not add a loot item but knocking him out did and this can be repeated to get 398 in a clumsy way. Not my "find" but worth mentioning (I can say that I noticed picking his pocket did not add the loot, at least). The bit about three piles of coins is not connected to loot number 138 in the Prima guide, I don't know where that idea comes from. The mattress and safe thing is there, yes, you have to go up into a building down Glimmer Lane, disable a trap and there's a cupboard with three piles in the doors but there is a fourth in the drawer below. This is not related to the missing loot 138 I want to stress. I have not found any glints anywhere. The developers could surely point out where it is or should be or if it is indeed not there.