Thread: Game crashes on startup

Game crashes on startup

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    Game crashes on startup

    Since the patch I got today I can't start the game anymore. It loads the menu, then I click on "play", then after it should be loading the game the screen just goes black, I can see the mouse cursor, and after 3 seconds it crashes back onto desktop.

    It pisses me off to no ends. Any idea what to do? Already restarted my computer and I will try reinstalling the game but it gets PRETTY TIRING WITH ALL THOSE ISSUES.

    I fixed the black shroud and the f**ing white flash before by changing hex values but kept a copy of Thiefgame.u. It still crashes. I really hope if I get the game running again I will be able to disable the shroud and flash again even with the new patch. Why do they keep hindering us playing the game the way we want?? Why do they bother so much?? Do they think their shroud and flash are so precious? If I can't get rid of them again then I'll quit playing the game once and for all.

    Anybody having the same issues? And does anybody know if the game works with new patch and without flash and shroud?

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    After verifying game cache it works now. But of course the change of hex values doesn't. I'm done with this game. Thanks, bye.

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    Erm okay.. so hold on.. trying to piece together what problem you having.

    You were getting a crash on startup, but verifying your cache fixed that and it starts now.. So what are you meaning about the hex values?

    What is your pc spec? <-thas me hehe
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    I Have Xbox one day one edition and i am also crashing on startup it will go to loading screen and then go back to the home screen of XBOX One ... i can't even play the game anymore i have been going to all the threads looking for answers with no response.... This game is having too many issues for it to be a waste of 60 bucks.

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    I have been writing on this Forum for a few weeks now.. with no help...

    my game on xbox one.... won't start.. it goes to the reg home screen where you can continue the storyline when the loading page is fully loaded with out any warning or crash signs or anything it pops right back to the Xbox home screen is there anything i can do to fix this prob... or if i can get a refund?