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"A fine piece"

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    "A fine piece"

    This is so annoying seriously wth. It didn't bother me at first but after few times where I had to be quick looting because patrol was inbound and couldn't I can't help but to think "no *** is not good find and even if it is it's not time and place to admire it". Seriously who thought it would be good idea to prevent player for any action other then movement for good few seconds in game that you're supposed to steal stuff, be quick about it and not get caught while often, yes racing with time to get loot in small time window where no one is looking.
    How would that be funny?

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    Yes, I was also annoyed by that. Guard is about to come and I can't close back that safe because of dumb animation where Garret is admiring his newly aquired loot.

    Main problem with Thief and main mistake that devs made is that they focused too much on making fancy-looking game, rather than on deep and rich gameplay. New Thief might look cool with all those smooth and fancy animation, but gameplay itself is rather shallow I'd say...

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    But larix, it's all part of the emmerzion, don't you want to feel like a "mahster fief"?

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    "Cancel bow" button cancels this animation too.

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    I like "A fine piece" animation. Maybe it would be cool to be able to cancel it with Cancel key (RM button by default, and I'm pretty sure you can do that) but certainly it is better with it than without it.

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    I do remember messing with key binds, and I'm pretty sure I did touch RM for some reason. Yet it still does cancel bow, close doors, leave lock picking mode and so on. But it does not cancel "a fine piece".
    And I do fully agree with Furman, I'd pick game that plays better over one that has "cool animations" anytime.
    How would that be funny?

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    I've remapped "Cancel" to mouse wheel click and it cancels everything correctly. RM works as "interact" correctly too.

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    I also use RM for interact.