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Thread: Why the Thief Series is So Important for Gaming

Why the Thief Series is So Important for Gaming

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    Originally Posted by DeimuStrong
    As tempting as it is, I don't think I'll take the bait. You're clearly adept with a computer. Figure it out yourself.
    Oh, bugger

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    Originally Posted by NIB
    Do Christians really consider thieving to be just as bad as murdering?
    Christians? Well, that narrows the focus quite a bit. From what I recall, Jesus was asked what was the greatest of the Commandments, and He answered with something like, "Love God with all your heart, and all your mind and all your soul and love your neighbor as yourself."

    So... that's no help.

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    I need more coffee.... why has religion come into the discussion?
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    I blame Garrett for stealing the rails of this thread and derailing it.

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    Why the Thief Series is So Important for Gaming. Hmmm....I am going to just smash this one into orbit a cut strait to the truth. Master Thief is so important to gaming and was so important to gaming because Thief was one of few games that could ever say that it was central to selling the PlayStation 4 console to the world. While the game was not necessarily the game that sold 10 million copies with the system when the new next gen consoles race started. It was promoted and sold side by side with the brand new PlayStation 4. I'll just point to last years e3 where Sony and the PlayStation hands down ran away with the entire contest. And well it is just a matter of fact that Master Thief was one of those titles that was a part of 'blowing away', and I do not use that term lightly, blew away the competition. And now that the PlayStation 4 is the fastest selling console of all time, I'll point to exhibit B - the PlayStation 2 took 3 years between 2000 and 2003 to nearly even sell the first unit and had no games (none). And really as history has documented Master Thief was there. Now at the time no one had played it and it was more about the architecture for many - Master Thief was still there. I mean how obvious is that, within one short year the PlayStation 4 has managed to do what almost no other system has ever done and that is SELL. In November it will be two years officially, but I know it was released in September.

    Now that I have played it I have a few comments, but again this one is a bombshell. While playing Master Thief, for a while it is hard, on Master difficulty I noticed two major things that the great people at Square Enix never do. There were two major glitches in the game. Major glitch one: At the end of one of the levels while Garret is looking at a poster of himself on a wall you get stuck, literally stuck, you can no longer move and must stay there frozen and looking at that wall. So how did I beat the game you say if I was stuck you say? Good question, being resourceful like I am and might I add narrowly escaping the catastrophe of never being able to beat the game due to a stuck Garret 'floating' in the air forever until the end of time I did this. I pressed the option button which paused the game, dropping Garret from out of the sky where he could not move. Then I could do oh so much more than look at that poster of Garret. And after getting a bypass on that hurdle for the rest of my life I will not have to see Master Thief or see it being played by some one who beat it without knowing inside myself that I could actually do that. Has Square Enix even seen the people that Square Enix has playing games these days!!!! Master Thief would not become the only game I could never beat. Although Animal Crossing was just so bad of a well to do franchise that I could not really play it. Maybe someday I'll find someone to beat Animal Crossing for me, but I seem to remember Animal Crossing was a never ending game was it? Major glitch 2, while this one was not the end of the world like being frozen every time you reach the end of a level never for an eternity being able to move on to the next level it was highly visible. The computer or the Thief Takers Generals' men started to glitch on the last few levels and there was one that did it every time you got to him while standing in front of his door. Literally, back and forth and back and forth, stuck on a space no bigger than a dime. So fast it was like they were stuck on a space not bigger than a dime and in hyper-speed and just about to enter light speed while twitching back and forth. Neat.

    Master Thief was a great game, but oh my guinness was it ever oh so long. And was the Master difficulty ever, simply put, hard.
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    Master Thief? Animal Crossing? What kind of Thief game is this?

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