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Thread: Autosave file and profile problem

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    Exclamation Autosave file and profile problem

    I have Windows 8.1 on my notebook. I installed three parts of Tomb Raider from second wave (Legend, Anniversary and Underworld), and then, I started each game. All three games working very beautifull, but, when game create autosave it crush game process and notify me about fatal error.
    Please help me. I can tell more about this problem on Russian.

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    already tried running the game as admin? compatibility mode set to vista or seven?

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    I got a very similar issue with Legend (Steam ver.) on my Asus M81C tablet (Atom Bay Trail, 2GB, Win 10, latest drivers). As soon as I try to start first level or mansion from main menu, the game crashes to desktop (fatal error, details: disc error) and it says my autosave is corrupted when I restart the game.
    No luck with "run as admin" or compatibility modes.
    Any ideas?
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