Questions, can anyone help me with this. I'm trying to understand some of these horrible design choices. First of all when the guards are talking about the Jewelery in the Jewelery shop, I get it, I don't need a pop-up on my screen to go check it out, it is my choice and I did over hear the conversation I'm not dumb. What is it with all this hand-holding in the game? Why is it I cannot disable this? I want to understand why is it that everytime I get caught by guards the screen freezes and it reminds me how to dodge and attack? Where can I disaable this? How many times must I be reminded? it is like the whole game is a trial stage to teach you gameplay mechanics?

Please help me with any info if there is a patch coming to fix this or if there is actually a way to disable these stupid aids in-game. I'm really disappointed.

Edit: I'm playing this game on Xbox One so incase anyone knows about patches