IDK if you guys on next gen have noticed at all, but the framrate does not appear stable at all on PS4 and hardly ever reaches 30FPS in my opinion. I have played alot of PC games and tinkered with all of the options for graphic settings to get games to run stable 30FPS and higher. This game, from my experience, does not meet "Stable 30 FPS" as promised. It would seem that the game is not "Optimized" for PS4. I hate using that word, Optimized, as it really diminishes the actual work it takes to get a game running as best it can with software updates. Look i know the PS4 is not a top of the line gaming PC rig, but i know it can handle a hell of alot better looking games than Thief in its current state. Honestly, i really really would love to see an option in PS4 for unlocking the framerate and lowering the resolution to 900p. We all know they want Thief to look the best it can, but what good is a game that looks beautiful if it runs like a Powerpoint slideshow.

I really hope Square Enix addresses these problems because , after all, as consumers, we have the power to tell everyone not to buy something because it doesnt meet our expectations, through social media. Game companies should fear the consumer. And rectify problems or publicly state mishaps.