I have amd 6990 gpu.

I was running 11.3 catalyst drivers (because they worked, and I don't like fixing things that do.)
I read patch notes to 14.2beta1.3 catalyst drivers, which mentioned improvements to Thief, and decided to finally update my gpu drivers.

What a mistake! Before updating, I was able to choose 120Hz refresh rate in the launcher, and the game would run at 120Hz refresh rate.
Now, with 14.2beta1.3, I get 60Hz refresh rate no matter what.

(Plus some other games now have issues.
And the framrates between the two sets of drivers are nearly identical, maybe a little higher with 14.2.)

Does anyone have any ideas on how force the game to run at 120Hz?
(I checked, Terraria, Bioshock Infinite, and Minecraft all run at 120Hz.)