Edit, please change title to, "'Linking to Square Enix Account' Message"
Launched just now again, and after the logo splash screens, I'm automatically greeted with a message, "Please enter your e-mail address to link your profile to a Square Enix account." So I type it in, but the "Register" button is grayed out, hitting "Enter" on my keyboard makes it say, "Loading..." for a few seconds and then nothing happens, clicking the "Confirm" button in lower-left does the same as clicking "Confirm" (nothing). I have a Square Enix forum account, i have no idea why it's not working. It's not generating any error messages and there is no on-screen help. Going to try and hit "Back" now and hope I can play the game.

Oh, now it says I can create and link to my account at any time via the menus. Would've be nice to know that. Regardless, why didn't it just link to my forum account email? I don't want to register yet another new SE account.