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    Why did they don't add an option to skip cutscenes in SR2 as it's in Defiance..?
    It annoys me that I cant Esc, downarrow then skip the cinematics

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    Because SR2 was made before Defiance and they didn't think of it yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Count D View Post
    Because SR2 was made before Defiance and they didn't think of it yet?
    And there's no way of skipping the cinematics? Like they couldn't add an option to the Debug Menu to somehow skip the cinematics? Or it's not existing in SR2?

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    I think it exists but it doesn´t really work or is glitchy.

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    On the debug menu you could try "fast puppet shows" under the Raziel menu (which is supposed to make them fast forward), or "skip all puppet shows" under the side main menus (which is supposed to stop them playing), but as Raina says it does tend to have some unintended consequences in places, like the complete removal of Nosgoth's inhabitants or the inability to progress in certain areas. Make sure you have a reliable save before you try.
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    The Fast Puppet Shows does nothing at all, I checked myself before when playing around in both Defiance and SR2, it does nothing. I'll check skip all puppet shows later. Oh and in Defiance, when some cinematics are playing, when the Trainer is on, when there's the end of the non-skippable cinematics, it just does not gives the player control back, I always have to switch player character. But nevermind... I'll try it later And Thanks btw..

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