Edit: The key binding issue is fixed now. I reset key mappings to default then reassigned them to where I wanted.
Is it by design that Garrett stands up whenever you hit the interaction button? i reassigned this functionality to the right mouse button to be like the old Thiefs, and every time I click it, even when there's nothing to grab, he stands up and stays up. I have to re-crouch. Not cool. Even when grabbing loot or snuffing a flame, he stands up and stays up, forcing me to re-crouch.

And why do Garrett's arms become annoyingly elongated when increasing the FOV? I mean, I know why it's happening, technically, but didn't this look odd to anyone during playtesting? I had to lower the FOV from what I wanted because they look so silly and block too much of the screen.

This isn't off to a good start for me. I wasn't anticipating the controls to be this frustratingly wonky. I knew they would be less than ideal, but so far, it's a mess and I dread the thought if playing the whole game with Garrett standing up and headbutting stuff, and having to re-crouch every time I do something. And I'm only in the first room. I give up for the night.