Thread: [Possible Spoilers]All Collectables in Chapter 1?

[Possible Spoilers]All Collectables in Chapter 1?

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    Question [Possible Spoilers]All Collectables in Chapter 1?

    Hello everyone, i just got the game few hours ago, been playing it since. I am enjoying it so far trying to get the 100 % run on first chapter but having tough time finding all 4 collectables...i am stuck on 3 , searched every single corner, even turned back on focus mode, without success...I got both masks, (original and the copy) the first in the basement safe behind the painting and the one other in the jewelery store, and the golden jewelery with green gems in the safe near the sleeping guard. Help is appreciated !! Thanks.

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    When you first encounter the two patrolling guards (who scare the citizen back into his house) there is a ring at the end of the street near where one of them stands. If you time it right you can get the ring without being seen and/or having to use a distraction.