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Region Restricted on pre-load

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    Region Restricted on pre-load

    So I traded for this game practically the day it became available for pre-order and added it to my library, because at the time the game wasn't region locked. Then, to my surprise, when I tried to pre-load the game before release I received a "Region Restricted" message. I then learned that not only had the game become region locked but that also retroactively effected already redeemed copies.

    So I now have a copy of Thief: Master Edition sitting in my library that I can neither remove nor play. So even if I did want to re-buy the game I couldn't.

    Are there any plans to deal with this situation that myself and a lot of other people seem to be in?

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    I am experiencing same issue as you - as well as many, many other buyers out there. Not to mention that Eidos seems to try to cover up this whole situation and keeps removing threads about retroactively region locking games.

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    I am experiencing the same issue. I got my copy on Oct 5th from a friend in my steamgifts trading group. I unpacked it that day when it was ROW and now its retroactively locked. I hope this situation gets addressed soon. I have been a long time fan of Eidos for years and this is leaving a real bad taste in my mouth on future purchases.