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Thread: Replacing the Games

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    Replacing the Games

    I lost all my games on the computer and the disk came up missing ages ago . Now that demonoid is no longer around I don't know how i can replace my games. I had the whole series. Does anyone know where I can get the games or can send me a file for them? As I said I did have them once, just trying to replace them.

    I also lost Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines if anyone know where that can be obtained. That was one of my other favorite games and I miss them terribly,


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    i think gog has them
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    If you want to get them for free, sorry, we don't provide that kind of help around here. If you want digital copies you have to pay for them. 6$ per game on GOG, 19.99 if you get them all together. Also they are, along with VTM: Bloodlines, available on Steam.

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