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Thread: Legacy of Kain: Revival fan game download

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    Legacy of Kain: Revival fan game download

    Greetings fellow Legacy of Kain fans! I mainly registered an account here to ask for a big favor(although I may end up sticking around). You see, I just got done watching a YouTube walkthrough of a fan game called Legacy of Kain: Revival, which takes place after Defiance and helps clear up the few remaining plot holes in the overall series story arc that were left unanswered by the original developers(which in my opinion), was done pretty effectively and convincingly enough for me to classify this game as the official ending for the franchise.

    Now, you guys may simply point me to the main website for the game here.

    But the problem is that the download link appears to be broken and I therefore can't get the game at all Does anyone on here happen to have a copy of the game on their harddrive somewhere and provide a download link for me? As I really want to play it for myself and feel like finally getting some proper closure for one of my favorite game franchises.

    I would be very grateful, if one of you could do this for me.


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    I have it on my hard drive. I was going to send you a PM to ask for your email address, but it seems I can only post "Visitor Message".
    Can you send me your address via a PM?

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    Hmm, I can't seem to be able to send a PM from my end either

    Perhaps you could try uploading LoK Revival to dropbox or something and link the download here? As making an account there is completely free and simple to manage(if you haven't already made one) and I'm sure there will be enough space provided to place the game in. Besides, having it available somewhere else will make it easier for people like me to download the game in future(in case the main LoK Revival website never ends up getting it's download link fixed.)

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    I uploaded the file to OneDrive (a.k.a. Skydrive), it should be accessible through the following link:

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    Ah, excellent. I'm downloading now and will play it myself, when I have the time available.

    Thank you so much for this Azazel

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    You're welcome

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    Sorry, I haven´t replied sooner - I´ll tell Vincent about the link being down, thanks for reporting. Hope you´ll enjoy the game!

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    Hey guys, this game is totally awesome and I definitly recommend playing it. If possible I need help


    I have done every objective in the game except for stopping the hylden invasion and the problem is I am not entirely sure how to go about that. In the hylden dimension I did not use the red teleports and when I got back out I flipped the switch to turn off access to the dimension. I figure that should be enough but when I go to face the elder god there are hylden portals there. What am I doing wrong or not doing!? When I went back to the hylden fortress to see what I can do Nexus's soul is still lingering there and Kain makes a comment I have to find a way to stop him. ~_~ tried everything so I ques I need help with that too

    Quote Originally Posted by Raina Audron View Post
    Sorry, I haven´t replied sooner - I´ll tell Vincent about the link being down, thanks for reporting. Hope you´ll enjoy the game!
    Can I possibly have Vincent's email or contact info. I need help with the game, and can't figure out how to complete one of the objectives. (tried everything)

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