Thread: Hitman: Contracts is now available through Steam!

Hitman: Contracts is now available through Steam!

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    Hitman: Contracts is now available through Steam!

    It's taken a while but it's there now in all it's original glory.
    That means all the original music that was included in 2004 is also in this release. In fact, it's the same game but just on Steam.

    You can check it out here:

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    Finally full collection for me! Btw if it's not a secret, did you manage to get license for that playing in biker club in Amsterdam or how did you resolved it?

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    I just got paid today and bought the Steam version of, Hitman: Contracts. I had things to do today so I only played the first two missions -( Asylum Aftermath and The Meat Kings Party)- before I had to leave. But now that I have the time to resume playing, I was all set to start, The Bjarkhov Bomb mission only to find out that Steam didn't save anything. It didn't give me the option to continue. When I clicked on load, it said that there are no save games. So in other words, I have to re-start the entire game from the very beginning.

    The original DVD-ROM version of this game from 2004 never did this. That version saved mission progress.