Thread: GFWL being shut down is a huge issue for IO Interactive

GFWL being shut down is a huge issue for IO Interactive

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    GFWL being shut down is a huge issue for IO Interactive

    GFWL requires you to be logged in with an active cd key to access not only multiplayer, but singleplayer. Once GFWL shuts down, the game will be completely broken because of that specific aspect. This can lead to law suits in the near feature, inducing bad news for IO Interactive.

    So, I absolutely *** love the Kane and Lynch series... enough to where if Kane and Lynch 3 was announced, I would probably have a panic attack on the very SPOT! I would never be more hyped for anything else.

    With this new GFWL issue though, I can only think of 2 paths K&LM is going to take in the future.

    1. IO Interactive removes GFWL and adds support for it through Steam (Just like K&L2), making this path to be the BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN IN ANYONE LIVES TO EXIST!.................

    2. Or.... the game is completely wiped from the face of the online world, just like all the James Bond games that used to exist. It'll disappear off Steam and any other online retailer. This means everyone will 100% and completely forget about the game's existance. I should add by the way, this would totally suck... a lot.

    It's all up to IO on what happens next, seeing they have to do something about it eventually. If any IO interactive employee is currently reading this, any type of update or tiny morsel of information regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated.

    (Also, if you guys ever wanted to play with some very appreciative fans of the Kane and Lynch duet, you can hit us up here. No doubt, we would schedule an event in a heart beat. Literally.)

    Thanks for reading dudebros and dudets, I'm looking forward anything future to related!

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    They can just remove it, cant be that hard if every other dev from Capcom to WB removed it from their games. Hope they do because K&L1 is a classic before the sequel ruined the franchise. Over censorship in the second one sucked, talk about breaking immersion... Hope they make more though!

    Steam is just going to remove it like other games if GFWL isnt removed anyways.