Thread: Cant pick up weapon

Cant pick up weapon

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    Cant pick up weapon

    I'm having trouble with the binding function of Just Cause 2.
    I've managed to bind every action that I know of so far to a decent enough key configuration, but I still can't get passed the first mission for one key reason.
    Right after you land your parachute and take out the first few guards, you're told to pick up a weapon. Well I go to pick it up, and it asks me to assign a holster for it, but in brackets next to each holster it says (N/A), I've looked through all the key binding menus over and over, as well as tried every single button on the keyboard, but nothing works, I can't pick up the first gun! Now I know everyone is going to say that I should just use a controller, but I find it is unacceptable for a PC game to be incompatible with a keyboard and mouse, so if I've missed something, or if there is some kind of file I have to modify, I'd be very thankful to anyone who could help me out.

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    Maybe they can help you better in the PC section:
    or the support one:
    Maybe not, because the forum is very dead, but still... Good luck with it
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    Not sure off the top of my head why.

    If you do have any controller plugged in, even if you don't use it, please unplug before starting the game.

    Doing a search I could only find one other person that had the same problem but no resolution is shown so I don't know if they found a work around.

    It is also possible that binding under one style (vehicle, flying, etc.) is interfering with this setting. I would suggest setting all back to original and just change the one for pickup and see if you can.

    One other thought is certain actions may be hard coded although this I find not very likely.