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Thread: Any way to edit subtitles?

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    Any way to edit subtitles?

    Hi, pals!

    Well, I am making LoK series LP on YouTube and as I am Pole i make it in Polish, but we never got any official nor unofficial translation of the game. As adding Polish subtitles in the post-processing for Soul Reaver is a pain in the ass, I was wondering if maybe there is a way to edit subs within Defiance game files to have it later translated in-game instead of hardsubbing a translation later?

    I'm looking for any replies

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    Just open bigfile.dat in any hex-editor and do that.
    I did something similar when corrected russian subs.
    Also I corrected subtitles in SR1 and SR2 too - for SR1 it is needed special script for remaking locals.pc, for SR2 it is needed to use Soul Spiral and hex-editor for rewriting locals.bin.
    For both it is needed to correct the font-substitution table for adding symbols that there are no in latin.
    For SR1 it is easier to localize dialogs by extracting such files from voices.dat and repacking it again.
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    Ok, thanks, will try it

    Works fine. Thanks for reply

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