Thread: "Take 5 #3" Ask the Devs - Question submission thread! DEADLINE Wednesday, Sep 25!

"Take 5 #3" Ask the Devs - Question submission thread! DEADLINE Wednesday, Sep 25!

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    Arrow "Take 5 #3" Ask the Devs - Question submission thread! DEADLINE Wednesday, Sep 25!

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    Thanks for posting your questions everybody! The thread has now been locked, please stand by for the response thread!

    Hey guys,

    It's time for another "Take 5” dev Q&A, where you have the opportunity to ask your questions about THIEF directly to the dev team!

    After the submission deadline has closed, the 5 best questions will be selected and answered by the appropriate Thief developer.

    As always, few quick ground rules:

    • Users are limited to submitting a maximum of 2 questions per Take 5 Q&A session.
    • Please check previous Q&A sessions (links below) and the official Thief FAQ document HERE before posting, and avoid posting duplicate questions to your fellow users.
    • Please keep this thread on-topic, with posts containing question for the Thief developer team only. Off topic posts will be merged or deleted as necessary.
    • To maximize your chance of having your question selected, please ensure your questions are articulate, well thought-out and clearly stated.

    Good question:

    I really enjoyed the recent story trailer, and I’m curious to learn more about the Preacher. Why is a Preacher leading an uprising?

    Bad question:
    Holy crap I just saw the new trailer and there was so much to look at lol! I liked Garrett and the city but I’m not sure about the lamps but I gess every street needs lights hahaha! Whats the deal with this preacher guy and does he like tacos? I bet he likes tacos. The whole uprising thing just seems really scary and I wouldn’t want to be involved so why is a preacher involved? Geez I just really gotta know eeeeeeek!

    Deadline for questions submitted for this session is the morning of Wednesday, September 25 (EST).

    Previous Take 5 Q&A Sessions:

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    Movement mechanics Q&A
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    *Schedules permitting!

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    1. Will the current story that has been revealed to us so far (the setup) be given to us in the form of gameplay, a cinematic, or text?

    (i'll think of a second question later owo )

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    1. Is the XP system in the game used for more than measuring player proficiency during missions?

    2. Even though Garrett now uses mechanical arrows instead of elemental ones, is the elemental nature of the... nature still observable by players who explore, or mentioned in readables or conversations? In other words, is it still the same universe?

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    -Is there any sort of moral choice system in the game? If so, how does it work?

    That's all I can think of ATM. Will update if I get any more ideas :D

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    Will there be other Thieves in the game i.e. in the city hub breaking into buildings as we saw in Thief 2.

    Can't think of another question atm.
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    I'm posting with a new user because there seems to have been problems after the migration, and I can't do much with my old user. Is there anyone I can contact to solve this issue? Thank you!

    Now, my questions

    1) You mentioned many times that the original fans will be pleased with the game, and that we will have the ability to do stealth. My question is, however, besides having the ability, would there be a difficulty level where it is strictly necessary to do it, such as a difficulty level where killing is not allowed?

    2) Even though Thief was not meant to be a scary game, the scarcity of resources in the original games, together with the dark environments and the focus on immersion, guaranteed a few chills and a good level of tension on many missions. Are you planning on keeping this level of tension? Or are you aiming for a faster paced game such as Deus Ex or Dishonored?

    Thank you for the opportunity to post my questions here!

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    1) I'm aware that the physical universe is the same (ie The City), but with the reboot are the factions/religions still there, even as background elements? (Pagans and Hammerites)

    2) Will we see Benny anywhere at any point in the game?

    Edit: As, apparently, my first question may count as having already been answered.....
    2b) How much differentiation will there be between the City Hub and Missions? IE is it more 'I go to X spot and I enter "Mission Mode" like in Deadly Shadows or can you 'stumble' onto missions and back out of them at any point similar to Assassin's Creed?

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    Originally Posted by Cryllia
    1) I'm aware that the physical universe is the same (ie The City), but with the reboot are the factions/religions still there, even as background elements? (Pagans and Hammerites)

    Last response.

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    First, thanks you for keeping in touch and answering these question!
    Now for the questions themselves :P
    Recently the exclusive story trailer - the return of the Garrett aired (awesome one by the way!). My first question is this:
    1. Will the Garrett's background, shown in trailer, be revealed throughout the game like a mystery, or it will be sort of reminiscence from his part in response to certain events like flashbacks or quotes?
    My next question is about the development process itself in the light of new console announcements.
    2. Knowing that there will be no backwards compatibility between Xbox 360 and Xbox One how far do you explore features of new systems? In other words, how different will be the game on Xbox One from Xbox 360?

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    1) We've heard it mentioned that Thief will have hub areas and side objectives. The question I have is, how extensive will these side missions be?

    2) There have been various discussions and questions asked on the "pillars" of the Thief series. In your eyes, what are the essential elements that make this a Thief game and not just another stealth game?

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    1. What did you change about the aiming of the bow compared to the original games? From the E3 gameplay it seems like the iron sights got swapped out for a crosshair? Does the arrow always hit exactly where i aim at or is there some balistic drop?

    2. What is the XP for?

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    The only thing that really bugs me at this point is:

    How is XP implemented?

    My second question could be:

    How swimmable the water will be?
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    1. Since "magic" got replaced by "mystic", can you please give some exaples of this new mysticism. What differantiates this thief world from a standart "victorian age simulator"?

    2. How are the cutscenes done in this new thief title? Is it all in-game graphics, render graphics, or do you plan to bring back the old cutscene graphic style from the previous titles?

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    1) Will there still be a form of humor present like in the previous games, or will it be much darker this time?
    I feel that the (sometimes Monty Python-esque) humor that was used often provided a much needed contrast to the darkness of the main story.

    2) Can you explain the (non-focus) lock picking mechanism a bit more?
    Does it work by holding a button or is it more like giving direction to the tools like in the previous game?
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    Yay! Love these. Thank b1skit!

    1) Is there any update on the prospect of getting modding tools for FM's?

    2) How is the XP system implemented? What can we do with our XP points? When? Why? How?

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    Is there a going to be a ton of cursing in the dialogue? Dishonored kind of turned me off with it's guard dialogue that was usually nothing but exposition laden with swears.

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    I really like Romano Ozari as Garrett's voice now, and I’m curious about the Baron’s Watch. Will Stephen Russell be voicing any of the guards in THIEF?


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    1. Who's composing the music? [Yes, I know the FAQ says it's yet to be revealed, but I really want to know ]

    2. What aspects of the game are you most proud of?

    Thanks, have a good day

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    1. I loved Deus Ex: Human Revolution (made by Eidos Montreal) but felt that the XP system had some holes, in that it provided some incentives that could lead to illogical stealth behaviour. For example, since there was an XP reward for hacking a keypad or computer, but none for using the passcode, this led to an inclination to hack a device even if you had already gathered information that allowed you to enter a password. Similarly, since you gained XP for knocking out guards, but not for sneaking past them undetected, the more sneaky method of getting around, while not exactly penalized, was rewarded less than knocking out every guard on your way through. It's easy to extend this to a concern that Thief will provide, for instance, an XP incentive for picking a lock even if you already pickpocketed the key. How does the XP system in Thief work in allowing a player to empower or customize their particular Garrett, and are the developers trying to align XP incentives to encourage particular kinds of player behaviour?

    2. A fairly large element of previous Thief games, and many other stealth games, is the scarcity of your resources (for example, being dumped into a Haunted Cathedral with only a handful of equipment that wasn't sufficient to eliminate the undead opposition you ran into) and that in itself provides a motivation to proceed through a level as unnoticed as possible. How large an emphasis is being placed on equipment limitations as an element of the new Thief game?

    Thanks for doing these, they make for interesting reading.

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    1. With the nerfing of the attach-to-anywhere-that-is-wooden rope arrow, which elements of your game do you believe invoke that sense of exploration and player agency that the original mechanic provided?

    2. Have you dramatically increased the amount of incidental/idle guard dialogue in the next generation versions of the game, compared to the current generation version?
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    Edited my first question! Please consider instead:

    1) Is there any update on the prospect of getting modding tools for FM's?