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Thread: "Take 5 #2" Ask the Devs - Question submission thread! DEADLINE Wednesday, Sep 11!

"Take 5 #2" Ask the Devs - Question submission thread! DEADLINE Wednesday, Sep 11!

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    What equipment can you upgrade?

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    One question: How exactly AI acts in an alert? In T1 and T2 NPCs were just going almost random way with very strange gestures. In T3 they were grabbing swords and then began searching for "something strange" in very similar manner. How now? (It's one question)

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    1. So, pre-order incentives are inevitable. Can you please buck the trend by offering something other than equipment that breaks the balance of the game?

    2. Any readable documents to be found in the levels?

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    1) Will Garrett be able to swim ? ( both on the water and under water? - as you could in previous thief games)

    2) Can you give some indication of how long the main storyline / arc is? in terms of the numbers of main missions?
    "Why isn’t the game designed as a Thief game first, but with a casual mode option if you think its too difficult?"

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    1) Is there going to be any humour in this Thief?

    2) Why has Garrett become a "connoisseur and a collector" rather than a pragmatist who's only in it for the money?

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    Originally Posted by brethren
    My questions:

    1. Will the player be able to swim and/or travel underwater?
    2. What other stealth tools will be available to the player besides specialty arrows? (i.e. flashbombs, scouting orbs, mines, etc.)
    I'd like to substitute for my first question:

    1. Can you clarify the story of the game that's been revealed so far? After his fall with Erin, does Garrett physically leave The City for a year and then return, or is he in a coma/unconscious and then wakes up, or in a magical spell, or something else? It's not entirely clear what happens after his accident.

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