I want a Prequel for Final Fantasy 6. Here are the reasons why.

1). We don't know much about Terra/Tina from birth to age 18. What was she really like growing up in the Empire? Did she rebel? Did she have any other friends who were test subjects like her? I want to know if she tried to escape or was forced to go on missions for the empire.

2). We don't know why Celes really turned from the Empire, it's true she turned against them because of their plots against the other nations. But i wanna see the moment she wanted to leave.

3). I want to see Kefka's transformation from one of the empire's soldiers into one of the most evil villains in the FF series. I want to see what he was like before the Magitek Experiments took place.

4). I want to see what the World of Balance was like before the Empire got ahold of magic. Was it smaller? Was it less advanced? And how did they conquer so many nations in such a short amount of time? And were their more Kingdoms and Cities before the game began?

5). There are so many character past we are only given hints about. I want to see what kind of life Shadow lead as Clyde as a playable episode. I want to see Strago's past. I want to see how Gau survived on the Veldt as a child being raised by monsters. I want to see Sabin training in the moutains with Vargas and his Master. I want to see what kind of life Mog had before he joined the crew.

6). I want to know more about everyone's favorite octopus Ultros!

7). I want this in full 3D and using the same battle systems as Duodecim or KH series.

There are more reasons but these are the main reasons i want an FF6 prequel. Do you agree with me or disagree and why?