Thread: Game messes with Windows 7 power settings

Game messes with Windows 7 power settings

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    Game messes with Windows 7 power settings

    I have Windows 7 x64 set to turn off the monitor after 15 minutes idle. Every time I run Battlestations Pacific, it gets set to "Never". Other settings like "require password on wakeup" also get changed. It's definitely the game that's changing the power options.

    Whose brilliant idea was this? My guess is that somewhere along the line they had a problem with Windows thinking it was idle when the game was running and their horrible work-around was to disable all of the power features. They don't even restore the previous settings when the game ends. I have to fix all of the settings every time I quit.

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    I had not seen this particular issue. Doing a google search showed it is a rare but known issue that has to do with Windows. Some people have notice it happening when they update windows. Maybe some sort of update is working in the background, like Live, and causing the reset.

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    I tried searching before posting but couldn't find anything. I'd appreciate if you could provide a link or the search terms that you used (mine were something like "battlestations pacific windows power settings"). I tried another GFWL game and the power options weren't reset, so it's something specific to Battlestations. I check the power options, start the game, immediately Alt-Tab back to the desktop, and the power options are changed. I've never seen this happen before in almost four years using Windows 7 and playing numerous games.

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    I used Process Monitor to confirm. bsp.exe very clearly opens and changes PowerCfg\PowerPolicies registry keys to tweak the power options. It's in the game code itself and GFWL isn't doing it.