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Thread: Soul Reaver [PC] Retextured

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    Soul Reaver [PC] Retextured

    Yea, I had some free time and resources, so I worked a bit od retexturing the models in Soul Reaver to make them look a bit better, because I am planning to make a LP, so I thought I'd enchance graphics for this. I actually used textures from Soul Reaver 2 and scaled and cut them to fit on SR models. Too bad I have no idea how to make the game use higher resolution textures (well, the *.big file has a git of space to use for larger textures, but I need some way to modify the 3D models to get the textures from four images instead of one, like in DC version). But, enough talking. Here come the screens.

    Raziel comparision:

    Few shots of Raziel:

    As most important I tended to fix the eyes shape to not look so weird, and then I also shrinked the Raziel Clan emblem on his cape to be more readable. As you can see the textures are mostly taken from SR2 Raziel model (well, they do not look so good as the actual one, but I think they are pretty good. The only thing I need to fix are the arms)

    And few of Kain (gauntlets need to be fixed, and I guess I'll try again with the face):

    As you can see, I restored Kain's emblem on his cape and used more vivid colors (same as in SR2).

    Next to do would be sluagh and Moebius.

    What do you think about this?

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    Looking good, Nidrax Kain's face definitely needed an improvement. It was always pretty whacky. If possible, I'd suggest making the face, upper body, and the upper arms of Kain all look like they're in the same color and brightness neighborhood. Right now, Kain's face is lighter and less saturated than the rest of him and his upper arms are a lot darker than his chest.

    Those are minor adjustments, if they're possible. For what you have to work with, you're doing a very good job adapting these SR2 textures. Looking forward to seeing more

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    Oh, thanks. I didn't notice this differences in brightness and contrast with Kain before. Will fix this.

    Little update:

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    Kain's eyes look a bit goofy, but the rest of it is great stuff.

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    Okay. Another try. This time I used parts of Kain's rendered movie face from a poster.

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    Looks much better Really nice.

    This shot especially sells it:

    (click image to enlarge)

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    This is better. His eyes are not that weird. Say, can you make Kain less green?

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    Yea, done. I changed the hue and saturation a bit. Will send some screens and video later.

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    Wonderful job to all other! I have tryed the defiance textute pack of the hylden and is very wonderful. i am working on a mod about legacy of kain on the Jedi Academy Game, a biiig mod... eh.... i am working on that pratically by six moment i am converting SR1-2 bo2 model to md3. all character all pratically ready... the mod is in italian but i hope when i end to find somone for help meto an english translation. also, i need alittle help on the coding of source code, because Jedi academy now is a game under GNU license and i relly need help for the source code for can ricreate on JA like force power some spells of legacy of kain game like stun, incapacitate, mist, wolf form, etc etc.
    for the moment i create the elemental reavers, and i converttend the weapons of star wars into the cinecti elemtanl projectile like SR2, addind also water and earth prokectile and the energy bolt vampire spell.
    Well... i write this because i wanna give my congratulatioin for your graphic works.
    I also wanna ask if i can use the textures pack of the hylden for my mod for give to the sarafan a look more better. praticalluy i have rigged with ja humanoid skeleton ALL models of legacy of kain sr2, bo2 and defiance in years of works. argh! O.o
    For this project on soul reaver, i am very interessed. the qualòity of ritexturing is pretty good. i wait for ritexturing of the corrupted vampiric clans!
    PS: Nidrax can yu change the zephonim textures for leave the horrible pants rthat they have? i have ever find their little weirds... spiders with pants.. LOL.

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    Well, you should ask Hylden himself about his textures.

    Please, note that my project is only a port of SR2 textures onto Soul Reaver, so the vampiric clans won't be retextured,as they do not appear in Soul Reaver 2 unless I get bored and find time to actually model them, but it's not of high probability.

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    Maybe it's just me, but I think Kain's lips look a little too red.

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    No update for the time being. Sorry. If anyone wants to use those textures, here go the links:

    You need to open your textures.big file with SoulReaverPCTextureUtility and import those graphics into following sets:

    4 - Raziel
    122 - Kain

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    Your problem here is the model for kain will never allow high facial detail because of the stretched textures up the side of his face.

    I love what you're doing here but my suggestion is take the beautiful new face texture and down grade it a little, lower the res a little and see if it fits nicer.
    Perfection isn't always more detail.

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    Kain looks, well, green. And as we all know, he's anything but.
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    Hi Nirdax, great work on the textures. However, I would say that you got Kain's eyes right the first time, the second time is where they look a bit odd, so I personally prefer the first pass, but that is just my preference, your work is great. How do you put the textures onto the models and how do you get the engine to accept the textures inside the game?

    Thanks and best regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Locktofer View Post
    How do you put the textures onto the models and how do you get the engine to accept the textures inside the game?
    Installation instructions can be found right above in post#12

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