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Thread: Issues running LoK: Defiance

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    Issues running LoK: Defiance

    Hey guys, I'm having issues running LoK: Defiance. I'm not sure why as i have already played it on my computer before. Now when I try to run it, the screen remains blank while my other monitor keeps flashing on and off and changing the resolution. i get bits of sound now and then, and then I get the "unable to revive D3D" error.

    my specs are:
    AMD Phenom II x4 955 processor 3.2 Ghz
    Nvidia Geforce GTX 460
    8gig ram

    I'm not sure what other specs you would need to know. but if any one can help, that would be awesome!


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    maybe it´s trying to run in an unsupported resolution? Try setting it to something lower.. I am not sure what could be wrong..

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    have you tried compatibility mode?

    I looked up today and it seems to be working for me because installer or windows adjusted settings on it's own (gog version) and that's why I haven't checked on it earlier.
    So, in Compatibility tab you need to set Compatibility mode to Windows XP (SP2), Disable visual themes and Disable desktop composition

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    Maybe I should just get the GoG version. I've got the Catalyst version. I can't even get to the options =(

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    Those compatibility options are not in-game. You right click on icon>properties>compatibility tab

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