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Thread: Raziel's Soul Inside The Soul Reaver?

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    Raziel's Soul Inside The Soul Reaver?

    I was wondering if anyone could explain this to me.

    Raziel was alive during the time of the Seraphan and then died at the hands of his later-self near the end of Soul Reaver 2. He was resurrected and served as Kain's right-hand man until he was thrown into the abyss and became what he is now, thanks in part to the EG's interference. Further on, we find out that the Soul Reaver was really his own soul trapped in the blade, so how were Janos and the others able to put Raziel's own soul into the blade? After all, Vorador did mention sorcery and magic at the behest of his master, Janos Audron, so how is that possible if Raziel, his Seraphan self, never met Janos until that time way early in the past?

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    I think our collective understanding here is that the ancient vampires rigged the Reaver to devour the soul of the Hylden champion depicted in prophecy, but they had no idea that their own vampire champion (Raziel) was actually both the vampire and Hylden messiahs in one. They "devised a weapon to consume and imprison their savior" without even realising it.

    I don't believe they needed to know exactly who the champion was in order to arrange this.
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    Alternative theory to the one above is that the (Blood) Reaver knew whom it devoured and after it killed Sarafan Raziel, it still felt his presence in form of Wraith Raziel and was keen on finishing the job.

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    So Count D, youre saying that the reaver saw Human Raziels and Wraith Raziels souls as one enitity, one soul, not two, and simply tried to reave them both? Like a double cheeseburger instead of a single?

    Never thought of it like that. Interesting.

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    I think it tried to reave WRaziel's blood, but instead of blood he had raw spiritual energy and thus his soul was to be Reaved.

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    Question 1:
    Why the hell does Janos know about Raziel and why does he know how he's looking (Quote: Raziel my Child, what have they done to you)?

    Question 2:
    When had they met each other?

    Question 3:
    What was Raziel in his former Life before he was a Human and later a made Vampire (The Elder God said: "Hey was a Hylden", but where is the link to the Vampires and Janos)?

    Question 4:
    Why does Janos said to Raziel, the Soul Reaver was only forged for him, if Kain would be the right owner?

    Question 5:
    Why got Raziel born as a human, if Raziels Soul should be the Soul of the Reaver, when did his Soul went out of the Reaver?

    Question 6:
    Why did Kain look like a Hylden, maybe cause he sucked the Blood of the ancient Hylden in "Blood Omen 2"?

    Question 7:
    Why could Kain live without the Heart of Darkness?

    Question 8:
    Why does the Seer said, she knows Kain much better than he knows in "Blood Omen 2"?

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    Q1: Raziel was a prophesized hero, so both Hylden and Ancients knew of his existence.
    None of them actually seen him though, so Janos thought he would look close to an Ancient Vampire.

    Q2: They haven´t before. They only met once Raziel went to the Sarafan era and got into his Retreat.

    Q3: That´s unclear. EG tried to trick Raziel into thinking he is a Hylden champion, not that he is a Hylden himself.

    Q4: Bec. the blade was forged for the Ancient´s champion = Raziel.

    Q5: Not really want to explain this here, check the timeline on the wiki.

    Q6: Kain does not look like a Hylden. He developed a crown on his head which reflects his aspiration to rule the world.

    Q7: Bec. he is Scion of Balance, nothing else had been said about this.

    Q8: Bec. the whole script of BO2 contains so many contradictions... But as she is the one who foretold the Dark Prophecy (and supposedly met the older Kain during DP, before events of BO2), I think that´s why.

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    Thanks for the Answers now I'll know more about the Story.

    ...only two more things:
    And because he is the Scion of Balanced hey can live without his Heart? I Think it would be, because Mortanius made him on unnatural way (with magical powers)to an undead. Vorador and the other Vampires would made like default Vampires were made.

    What do you mean with "DP" at "...supposedly met the older Kain during DP"?

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    What do you mean with "DP" at "...supposedly met the older Kain during DP"?
    Dark Prophecy, the canceled Defiance sequel.

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