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Thread: PC Patch Released - 1.01.748.0 - May 22th 2013

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    There's a bug that washes out the contrast after using Survival Instincts.
    Happens every time I use it.



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    Quote Originally Posted by daaceking View Post
    i watched game trailers review.

    colours are stronger, game is overall smoother. weapon zoom is smoother. looks like they reviewed the console. console looks better than pc?!? somethings not right i have tested on 2 different pcs. keep the patches coming.

    edit: i'm starting to think pc just got a cheap port...
    lol it's true. Your PC might be able to get 60fps in BF3 on high, but might drop below 60fps in this game on low if you don't have an i7, regardless of the card.

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    "There's a bug that washes out the contrast after using Survival Instincts."

    Is there any soluion? Is it persistent behaviour till the end of game?

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    It goes back to normal when a cutscene starts and sometimes when going from indoors to outdoors, but as soon SI is used its right back to washed-out. I heard it happens on xbox and ps3 too.

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    I have noticed a graphical "problem" in stereoscopic 3D, regarding the depth the on-screen effects like droplets are rendered. If you change the 3D stereoscopic settings so that things pop out of the screen more easily, the droplets can be rendered behind some objects, even Lara. This messes up with the illusion.

    It would be nice to have the depth of the on-screen effects automatically adjusted so that it stays on top of most objects depth-wise. I understand that there always can be an object closer to the user than the on-screen effects depth, but at least have the effects rendered on top of Lara.

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