Thread: Damsel in distress helppppp please

Damsel in distress helppppp please

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    Exclamation Damsel in distress helppppp please

    Hi I have played Thief many a time but that was when I was on Win98, yes the good old days. I have now got XP, and my old Thief programs don't run, so I treated myself to the complete compilation which included Gold for the 1st game. I thought it would have no problems but I have.

    I have checked the Direct X and the drivers for my graphics card they are all ok. But I can play about 2 minutes of the game, well until I throw Garrett down the well. Then the game freezes and I have to reboot the system. I love playing this game, so please be my knight in shining armour. Give me the answer to get the game to play without being to technical I would be so grateful.


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    Check the sticky threads at the top, how to make Thief run on modern computers. There is now a user-coded patch, originally 1.19 and now 1.21, that not only solves all the little problems like yours but includes a modified engine that is more reliable. There is a link to 1.19 (maybe later) in those sticky threads. If not, check TTLG, Thief General forum. There is one for T1 and one for T2. The patches are installed on top of a fresh install of T1 or T2. T2 must be patched to 1.18 in advance.

    Your problem, by the way, is probably a dual core issue. It can be solved by setting affinity. But why bother? Get the patches. All serious Thief players are using them with no issues.

    As for the compilations, unfortunately these people repackage the old games and maybe the installer. They do not fix the many other bugs.