Thread: no markers of any type ...

no markers of any type ...

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    no markers of any type ...

    how do i find my next mission ?

    ive only done one soo far

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    You have only done one? Do you mean that memory card retrieval mission? If so, then your next Agency mission is "Casino Bust", where you will help Karl Blaine at Panau Falls Casino. Those are the two missions you have to do before you can freeroam.

    After those missions you get to choose what Stronghold Takeover mission you want. Of course you want to complete all of them as you will get spawn points from them and additional missions. You have three choices of which are those three stars flashing on your map screen (Back button in Xbox 360 version). You can zoom in and out with your right stick and move around the map with left stick. X button will set your waypoints. You can set that waypoint anywhere you want, for example on one of those stars. But, at the beginning, you should see those stars also on the horizon, if you just look around. In case there is some kind of bug and there really are no stars on your map, here are the coordinates:

    Blue star (The Roaches) X:14495, Y:11703
    Red star (The Reapers) X:17604, Y:12909
    Yellow star (The Ular Boys) X:17504, Y:15394

    Coordinates you can see on your map screen at upper right corner. If they are not clearly visible, zoom in and out. At some point you may have many objects near each other causing interference. Then the area is too crowded and you may have to clear the objects from the map to get the real coordinates. On map screen push LT (left trigger) and hide some of the objects. Or just use "Hide all".

    And of course you can find missions from More missions thread (link in my signature).
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    i meat i did 1x strong hol take over after the casino bust tutorial thing and theres no map markers