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Thread: After Elevator falls

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    Not fixed yet

    Quote Originally Posted by RckChlkJayhawk View Post
    I put the game in yesterday just to try and see if this problem has been fixed yet. Guess what it hasn't!!!!!!!! I want to know what is going to be done about this, it has been since MARCH and this has not been fixed!!!!!!! I either need a refund, a new game or just fix the damn bug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want an answer ASAP!!!!!!!
    I have this problem with the Essential version in PS3, it is incredible that a game of 2013 still have this bug. What I am supposed to do now?

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    It is 2017. The game is 4 years old. Still I can't progress from the second to the first floor in research base (PS3 version).

    Jumping (from anywhere), running, walking, dropping, no matter what. Tried every solution on youtube.

    When there will be a solution?

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