Hey there, I have a little problem here.. Theres a part in Egypt, in the Obelisk of Khamoon, when Lara enters the door with the scarabs on the side. It is the last door. Well, when you enter the door, there are two spinning blades on the sides, then a pole, then a vertical trap, and then a horizontal trap with a pole in the middle. I can never get past that last trap, because no matter the distance or the angle i jump, Lara always trips and theres no time to get her back on the pole before the trap closes over her. Ive tried jumping just before the trap closes to gain a little more time, but when i do that she always falls off the pole without even standing on it. Ive tried like a thousand times and i cant get past that part. Then i decided to watch some walkthroughs to see how other people did, and ive realized that in other people's games, the time of closure of the trap is notoriously wider, giving Lara enough time to jump to the pole and then to the other side without any problem. In my tra, the trap closes almost after i can jump to the pole. Ive played it complete before, on ps2, and now im playing it on pc. It is more difficult, but ive never had much problem really, until now. It really pisses me off, so i decided to post it here to see if other people have the same problem as me, and if so if someone knows a way to fix it. Thank you.