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Thread: Official Tomb Raider store now open!

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    Wish there was a UK store its not just the shipping but the custom clearance
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    I really want them t shirts with Lara on .I also like the yoga pants

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    moved it to the product suggestions

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    Fantastic, gonna buy something soon

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    OMG this is amazing! I've always wanted a TR store! Ahh everything is perfect! I'm going to be so broke this year!

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    Maybe I missed something. What is "Sisters of Artemis" anyway? Is it a sorority or other group Lara was part of in Collage?

    I really love the gray slouchy pull over. But wondering what it is.
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    Nice stuff they've got.
    I think I might have to start saving.

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    oh yeaahhh...The soundtrack is available to preview on iTunes. Great snippets. very excellent score! ;D
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    can we get a brothers of artimus shirt?

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    Hmmm... I'm really tempted by to buy Tomb Raider: The Art of Survival as I'm really loving The Art of Tomb Raider book that came with my Survival Edition... I may just have to cave in and get it. I mean who cares about bank statements!

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    So erm... what's happening about all those lovely prints that were meant for sale on the 8th?

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    This is probably a pointless question since it's called "Limited Edition". But the Limited Edition Strategy Guide is sold out on your store page. I don't suppose there'll be more copies?

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    hahaha hey super cool - didnt know they had a store - great idea for hardcore fans! ,)

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    Thanks for the link to the store!
    Just ordered a shirt! SS Endurance 4 life #SWAG!!!!!

    should make that picture take me to the store, when I click it instead it shows me the image and not the store :P

    think like this is what it should be:

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