Thread: No Sniper Challenge?!?

No Sniper Challenge?!?

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    No Sniper Challenge?!?

    Dear Eidos,

    I bought Hitman HD Trilogy on the PSN and Sniper Challenge wasn't included: why?

    This is the second time I try to get this game. I had pre-ordered Hitman Absolution at a Gamestop here in Italy and, when the game arrived, they didn't know anything about Sniper Challenge. Now I've bought this HD Trilogy also to play to Sniper Challenge and is not included.....

    Please, can you help me getting this game? Why you haven't included it in the downloadable version of the Trilogy?

    Thanks for your answer.


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    You have to buy the Trilogy physical copy to get the sniper challenge. I don't think they'll give it to you digitally.

    I'm not sure about the Absolution pre-order. Maybe it wasn't available in your region?