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Thread: Controller problems

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    Controller problems (PC)

    Not sure if this is a technical issue or not, but posting it here as I think it is.

    I just came across an offer for all the TR games, and decided to go for it.
    I just started playing TR Legend, I play on a PC, but the the very start of the game I encountered a problem I dont understand.

    The problem I have are with jumping.
    A tutorial hint that pops up tells me that to jump I have to press the Jump button(Spacebar), and to jump longer or higher I should press a directional key and HOLD the jump button.

    Now here is my problem.
    Every time I press the spacebar to jump, Lara jumps, pressing any directional keys and holding the spacebar does nothing, because as soon as I press spacebar she jumps.

    No matter what I do I cant do anything but a small jump, which means I cant get anywhere.
    I can jump across a small gap at the start of the Bolivia mission but thats it, I cant jump up on any of the rocks or ledges as I cannot jump high enough to grab them, and the grappler just bounces off the rocks.

    I'm hoping someone here can tell me what I'm doing wrong or what I'm missing, so I can actually enjoy the game.

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    The distance covered by holding down the jump button is barely noticeable, but you shouldn't have any troubles jumping about in whichever direction you want to. Are you using the WASD keys in combination with the space bar? It's been a while since I've last played Legend on PC, but if you're pushing the literal directional keys that might be why she's jumping in place.

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