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Thread: Legacy of Kain Book Series.

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    Big Grin Legacy of Kain Book Series.

    Hello I am a big time fan of Legacy of Kain. But I dont know what to do at the moment. I would really like if someone wrote the WHOLE story line of Legacy of Kain.
    Or found a book if there is one.

    Anyways here is the deal:If you write the whole storyline down, or write a little book about the Legacy of Kain.
    Then I would be more than glad to give you money for it.
    It doesnt matter how much you want for it, I am willing to pay quite allot ^^

    My email is: And if you think this is a good idea or if you would like to make this to a real book then write to me

    Thank you everyone.

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    NordicFire, we cannot condone asking people to write up novels of the series for commerical use.

    If what you are looking for is simply the script forms of the stories for each game, you will find them on these sites:

    Legacy of Kain: Dark Chronicle
    Nosgothic Realm

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