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Thread: Tomb Raider 2 - Ice Palace Urgent Help - Door remains closed

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    Tomb Raider 2 - Ice Palace Urgent Help - Door remains closed

    Okay, so I'm currently playing on the level "Ice Palace" on Tomb Raider 2, I'm almost at the end, and I've just entered the cave that contains a number of yetis and icicles - the one after you pick up the hammer in the pool.

    When I go to the back right of the cave, with the small medipack and ice steps, I'm supposed to climb through to another room and kill a yeti.

    However, right now the door at the top of the steps where the yeti comes out is shut for me, and I have looked through numerous walkthroughs and cannot find a single way of opening it, it remains closed and I cannot progress in the level. Am I completely missing something????

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    Try exploring the entire area before you climb those ice steps. If I recall correctly you must activate and kill every monster before that door will open. In fact I now seem to recall that you must activate one of the monsters by either exploring the area between the stairs and the wall, or nearby. HE will open the door for you and come down the steps to attack you, after you have killed all the others.

    There may be a bug in that area. If you have looked everywhere, and stepped on every square, and still have no monster coming down the steps to attack, then you must go back to an earlier save and try again. I think that happened to me a couple of times I played through that area, and the only way to fix it was to go back and play it again. -Be sure you have stepped on every floor tile including those of the steps themselves, before you give up and retry.

    After you came out of the water and approached the ice steps did you find the room that is off to the left? I think you will find a few grenades in there at the back in a trough in the ice. You will also activate a monster or two.
    The final boss is killed most easily with the grenade launcher, although if you are patient and don't mind the long wait, you can eventually finish him off with just the pistols.
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