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Thread: St. Francis Folly: Lara won't move!

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    St. Francis Folly: Lara won't move!

    I just experienced a problem when playing Anniversary on PS3.

    In St. Francis Folly, after I've shot all the necessary diamond-looking-things on the wall the video comes where I seem to have access to the ball. But then when the video ends I can't move Lara in any way. I can't even rotate the camera. But I still can access menu and scroll anything in there. I can even scroll the items in Lara's backbag.

    Is there any way to fix this?

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    After struggling with this one, I'm happy I finally am able to move Lara!

    Here's what I did (for anyone else having the same problem):
    I saved the game. Then I loaded it (without shutting down the system). It worked right after that!

    Now I kinda feel stupid for starting a thread for this one but there shouldn't be this kind of problems in the first place.

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    You shouldn't feel stupid in any way for starting this thread. Many of us have had problems that came unexpectantly and eventually found a way out. A BIG welcome to the forums to you!

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