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Questions about gameplay

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    Questions about gameplay


    I just received this game, its quite awesome, even after finishing Deus Ex:HR & GTA 4. I think I like this one better!
    But I am curious about a few things I hope I can get worked out.

    I finished the 1st 2 Agency Missions and 1st 2 Faction (Reapers) missions. And nothing is available to do now. I also went back to the Ken Gunnung Dataran Tingg Military base (1st base attacked) and did 100% completion.

    What i want to know is:

    1 - Is there any home base I can go to? Where do I get ammo if I run out? I found the reapers original camp and was able to restock some, but what if I run out during a base takeover (does the reapers camp retock ammo?)? Where do i go to refill? Is there a home base i can store vehicles and weapons? (I wish they allowed any 3 weapons to carry, I would have liked to be able to carry the sniper and assault!)

    2 - After i completed the Kem Gunning 100% base takeover, I thought I was going to "own" the base, I thought that I would drive them out, which was what happens when you capture a base for a faction. After the 2nd faction mission, I was wounded bad, almost out of ammo, I went back to Kem Gunning base, and it was again occupied by soldiers. I was just able to get out with a chopper with very little health & ammo - under heavy fire... do they always return even after you clear the base 100%?

    3. There is nothing to do now, I am guessing I need to create some chaos - take over a few towns?? I have partial completions on several of them, mostly just getting the goodies there. I tried to attack one with an attack chopper and got shot down real quick. I am kind of stumped at what I need to do, do i go in and destroy all forces? I don't have any upgrades or a lot of ammo... And after I do mange to wipe out all forces - will they come back after I leave the town?>

    Would greatly appreciate any help with understanding how this works - I could find nothing about these online, so I hope I can get some clarification here.

    Thanks for your help!!!

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    1. There are quite a few areas to pick up weapons/ammo. Either from killed soldiers or you could hit up some of the military bases. Always good for restocking or picking you the mounted machine gun. Slow moving but unlimited ammo. Your third choice is just call the black market.
    2. The faction bases will be friendly to you but enemy bases will stay enemy bases even if you get 100% completion on the base. Word of warning... Try not to take out the Sam sites in the faction bases. They do come in very handy.
    3. You need to get some towns. As your influence expands so will your missions.

    I hope I remember this correctly. I haven played in over a year :-(