I'm trying to do the first gym exercise with the rotating poles within croft manor however the poles won't rotate as they should. In stead it will slowly rotate quarter of the way and then stop (No matter how much I swing or try to approach the poles in various ways).

If I jump again on the now slanted pole it will do as it's supposed to and puts me directly facing the ledge on the wall.

So I then try to do it this way by jumping twice to get to the ledge on the wall. But when I then jump to the second rotating pole (same thing happens) and do it in this method in a roundabout way and then attempt to jump to the ledge on the wall.

I get veered of to the left and miss the ledge completely. It seems to be randomly doing this weird slanted thing and slow rotating of the poles thing on both of the gym equipment. So I can't seem to get past this bit because of it.

It stops me from doing this puzzle, I played the game before on the console so I know it should rotate smoothly from the start in stead it's all bugged and slanted (Unrelated: I'm also getting strange graphical glitches where Lara's braid stretches out oddly).

Here is a video to show what I mean:


If I'm missing something obvious, please let me know because I really can't figure out how to stop it from bugging out.


Windows 7 64bit (Home Premium SP1)
Nvidia GeForce GTX 560
Intel Core i7-2600k CPU (3.40GHz)
8gb Ram