Last weeks Glu Mobile bought GameSpy. One of their first moves it was turn OFF multiplayer servers of many old PC-Games. One of them it was Battlestations: Midway. Now, when you come to play Multiplayer Missions, you will get a message
This game's backend service is unavailable
You can read more about it here: Battlestations Midway Fansite

Multiplayer for BS: Midway looks like dead, however we already found other way to play multiplayer games (PC-version). There is more info about new way to play Midway Online Battlestations Midway Multiplayer

At this moment it's the only way to play Battlestations: Midway Online. And yes, new guys can join Multiplayer Games only by installing Game Ranger and joining multiplayer rooms (if any). Better this than nothing...

So... you're welcome... if you want to play this game online.