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Thread: Defiance Modding Thread - Widescreen Support, Texture Upgrades

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    Defiance Modding Thread - Widescreen Support, Texture Upgrades

    Below you'll find the Widescreen patches for Defiance, for whichever version you have:

    New link

    OK, here is the link for the GoG version:
    *link no longer working*

    And the old 1.1 version:
    *link no longer working*

    After downloading and extracting the Defiance.exe file, go to your game directory (C:\Program Files\Legacy of Kain - Defiance ... or wherever you have it on your PC), remove the Defiance.exe in there and paste it somewhere else, in case. Paste the Defiance.exe from the patch in this folder and play the game normally.

    Here is a picture preview of 1920x1080 at 16:9 aspect ratio:

    (click image to enlarge)


    From The Hylden:

    In addition to Marcelo 20xx's patches, below here you can also find links to download the modified FMVs (Full Motion Video) for Defiance in proper 16:9 widescreen format, instead of the 4:3 native format and from the higher rex PS2 videos:

    Note: these aren't necessary to run the patches. They are just additional bonuses if you want the FMV's also in widescreen.

    From the intro:

    Like above, go to your game's directory and remove the existing movie files to some other location, in case, and replace them in the movie's folder with the above.

    Download the videos here:

    Defiance Widescreen Movies

    **The Hylden:

    Finished putting together new texture packs for Defiance. Below, you'll find new skins for Kain and Raziel, as well as upgrades to the Reavers, powers, and other aesthetic changes.

    *Note: Texmod now seems to work with Windows 8! It must have been since the 8.1 update. So, if you have Windows 8.1, you can enjoy these skins. You must run Texmod as an administrator for it to work.

    You will need TextMod to use these packages. You can download that here

    Once you've installed and downloaded the texture packs, here are the steps to using them:

    How to use it:

    1. Open Texmod.exe

    2. Under 'Target Application' find and select 'Defiance.exe'. The default installation location is C:\Program Files\Eidos\Legacy of Kain\Defiance

    3. Make sure Package Mode is selected and click the open file button. Find and select texture pack, wherever you download it to.

    4. You should now have 'Defiance.exe' under Target Application and the newly downloaded .tpf package file in the package list. Once you do, you can now click run and the game will load with these new textures.

    I've divided up the packages, so you can mix and match as you see fit. You can run multiple packages at once in Texmod by finding them in the Package list, then selecting all of them and clicking run, so whichever way you choose to do it; it's up to you.

    Download the skins here:

    Defiance Texmod Skin Packs

    New Kain, as of May 13th, 2013:

    Painted completely all new on the models in 3D Coat and with Photoshop. Textures are at 2k. Rendered out of 3D COat:

    Compare to SR1 & 2 Intro shots:

    Side gauntlet:

    SR1 Intro:

    Kain is also offered without his cape as an alternate skin. Compare that to the CGI render of him on the cover of Gamepro Magazine (edited to protect the magazine's content):

    And him rendered in 3D Coat:

    Close on the Reaver, rendered in 3D Coat:

    Kain's eye close up:

    SR2 intro:

    Fixed the chest wound on Kain after a certain point in the game (if you wish not to be spoiled, these images are behind this next spoiler tag):


    Rendered in 3D Coat:

    New Raziel like his CGI Intro version from SR1 and 2, updated June 10th (includes all Reavers and their powers, new Corpse Raziel and 1 new class of Human class Revenant enemy, all new main menu and ingame hub, checkpoints, new shades, souls, and other particles):

    Compared to the SR2 intro:

    Rendered in 3D Coat:

    Compared to his high res pics from SR1 nd 2:

    SR2 intro:

    Side arm and leg renders in 3D Coat:

    There is an alternate of this, a decloaked Raziel. Decloaked, his model when not feeding has no upper body. The upper body in the game pops into view when feeding:

    Rendered in 3D Coat:

    Compared to this:

    Reaver upgrades:

    For more changes and a breakdown of them, check out this page.

    Loathsome Vessel Corpse/alt Human Revenant Enemy:

    3D Coat Renders:

    New Reaver Powers:

    Earth Platforms:

    New Ice:

    from new waterfalls:

    New symbol for using the Reaver on the water, too.


    New Reaver charged hub, healthbar, menu, telekinesis bar, mouse, and new menu/loading screens:

    Pics edited for widescreen. No more stretched images:

    Hub upgrade for Kain, too (new health vial, TK meter with BO1 runes, charged Reaver, etc):

    Download both Kain and Raziel's skins to complete the menu and hub upgrades. Upgrades also available for both Kain without his cape and Raziel without his cloak.

    Skin packs include other particle fixes, and environment fixes:

    New batform platforms (with nods to Blood Omen 1's info triangles and bat beacons):


    And with that, new actual bats Kain turns into, instead of black shapes:

    New long jump symbols (deep reddish cracked and indented footprints):

    About the exact size of Kain's feet and as wide as his stance.

    New Checkpoints for Kain and Raziel:


    New "Blessed Barrier" (blood red runes, faint Reaver blade-like spiraling energy, and a faint glowing eyed skull in the center -- subtle, not like the skull with the x before):

    New blood red practice dummy targeting reticule (glows orange-red at achievement):

    New subtler energy tendril, colored yellowish now, for Kain's TK hold (not the large, squarish stationary green before):

    Removed sparkles when drinking blood on the blood bar, sparkles and bubbles on the blessed barriers, and sparkles on the places to use tk on crumbling objects. Also toned down the energy waves noting things are tk breakable, and colored them bluish, instead of green. Toned down the tk hold on the archers slits, and colored the energy bluish, instead of bright purple.


    Raziel and all above changes listed, cloaked.

    For more pictures and breakdown of these recent changes, go to this page.

    Below are older pics before the skin changes above, but which show other particles, etc., that were changed:

    As noted above, here's the separate Menu and Loading screen fixes (I will update this file with more of the loading and death screens later):

    Menu and Loading Screens:

    Special Request for the "Kain Reaver" seen back in the deleted Reavers for SR1:

    (click image to enlarge)

    The Reaver is modified for the default wraith blade and its spectral version.

    Moebius, updated 7/02/13:

    Renders in 3D Coat:

    From the end, upgrade to his wound (again, if you wish not to be spoiled, it's encased within the spoiler tags:

    For more screens and to see a detailed explanation of the upgrades, go here.

    Older Updates:

    Chained and Impaled Prisoners skins

    ...with wall textures upgraded to High Definition:

    More of the wall behind her:

    Which also frames the dungeon's doors:

    Closer on the door:

    Chained male Prisoner:

    Wall behind him (seen later on when you reenter the dungeon and all prisoners are gone, Sarafan are dead, and you fight the shades):

    Impaled Prisoners:

    Update *brand new:

    Sarafan Warriors full Upgrade, Including Weapons skin pack[/URL]

    Dumah Followers, the Crusaders:


    Melchiah Followers, the Inquisitors:

    Rahab Followers, the Archers:

    This also upgrades the fire to their fire arrows, so it burns brighter with a softer flame texture.

    Turel followers, the Zealots:


    Raziel followers, the Templars:


    For detailed information on the numerous changes hand painted from scratch, references used, textures and pictures manipulated, to achieve this, check out page 6-8, or 9 of the Kain's Lament Fan Art page, listed above with links.

    Next update will be the Sarafan Keep, then Ariel. Stay tuned!

    Hylden: Update 12/20/12

    Here is Ariel (the keep will have to wait a bit).

    Fallen/Ruined form:

    And this is the last modification to her burnt skin, taking away a harsh line in a seam:

    I've altered her appearance to match the previous games (no more rotting corpse Ariel), with her one side unblemished, just paler. Using my theory that her face was melted by the overturned scale she tips as she falls in BO1, after being stabbed, I display a detailed, realistic burnt face, revealing her bare skull underneath, which has been made more accurate, less cartoonish. Her wardrobe consists of wrappings, very much indicative of her being bound to the Pillars in death. Fixed her hands, so no more bones and flesh showing through. Fixed her eye so now it's her natural eye, not a solid black thing from before.

    Purified Ariel:

    Changes include putting her in a dress indicative of her original BO1 dress she was murdered in. Red with gold trim. The dress has a shimmering texture, and she's sporting the Balance Emblem symbol on her chest. Both forms here I emulated, using as reference, the prefallen concept art Daniel Cabuco did of her. Her eyes have a glow to them here of bluish-white, instead of the orange from before and again, her natural hazel eyes. Her hair and skin are also more radiant, showing her purification.

    Hylden: Update 1/20/2013 Next up, Janos Audron. His dead, revived, and possessed forms.

    And even though you can already mix and match, I've uploaded a Raziel and Janos, Reaver powers, etc., combo pack.

    Dead Janos:

    The Heart of Darkness:

    I made the blood staining him long dried and coagulated, staining with dark reds and near browns. I figured the body remains preserved, but there's no reason the blood on him wouldn't succumb to drying from the air it's exposed to. You can see highlights in the dried blood, which I got happily to look very crusted.

    Another anatomical showing, as I looked at actual operations and autopsies, and diagrams to get what a chest cavity should look like. You can see under the ribs the walls of his lungs; below, his slightly more pinkish diaphragm and under that, his slightly brownish liver. In the cavity I have all the veins and arteries; his aorta is the big reddish one in there. lol, I know he's not human, but his anatomy has been shown humanoid enough, so might as well make it realistic. Plus, his heart looks rather human, or at least, it pumps as fine within a human as it does within him, so the connections must be close in there.

    He only had a set of four ribs in there and his sternum was all types of wrongly crooked. I painted in extra ribs in the wound's walls. They do enough to sell the illusion they're separate portions like the other ribs (the ironic part of this all is, of course, that in the cutscene, you never see the wound from this angle, or this close anyway). I tried to straighten his sternum by painting the details on it at an angle, so it's as good as that gets.

    Raised Janos:

    (before lightening the wings)

    My goal was to bridge as much of the gap as possible with his look from SR2 to now. His facial structure means that it can't be molded fully, but I brought over the important aspects. His lips can't be thinned the way they were in SR2, but now they're more uniform. Added back the veins and the brow wrinkles the way they should be. I played around with the thickness of his eyebrows, which were much thicker in SR2, but they can't be so thick here, or he looks rather evil. However, I found a good medium, I think. The veins on his face, neck, arms, all match his heavily veined (and awesome) SR2 skin. I didn't go into the range of aqua blue to gray that his skin was in SR2, but I didn't leave it as the purple hues that he started to venture into in Defiance, either. He's a lighter, more sky blue.

    His clothes are now as close to SR2 as possible. His claws have been made to actually have detail on them. Defiance's claws were just a very dark green/gray color, with no detail at all to them, and they didn't even wrap fully around the fingers, or toes. I've rectified that.

    Possessed Janos:

    They had Janos already burned in the old files. My philosophy on it is that the Hylden Lord's strength is probably the only reason he could posses Janos in the first place, as I'd expect the Ancients would have been able to resist any possession otherwise. So, I figure A, the Hylden Lord was able to force his way in there due to his great power, but Janos' body and will are still rejecting the possession, which is causing his veins and flesh to burn, and B, that the Hylden Lord is being as rough as possible in his possession. The Hylden are said to be either gentle, or extreme with how they possess beings -- the more forceful the possession, the greater the host is used up and they are able to morph the flesh into their own making. I think with Janos, he's pushing as hard as he can without destroying him, but this is the great enemy for his race, after all. Janos's body won't allow the Hylden Lord to morph it like he was able to with Mortanius. It will only allow so much, and is resisting. However, I showed bony protrusions popping through Janos' skin. You can see them on his head, shoulder, even his elbow, and also down to the claws. I imagine the shape of the HL is starting to take hold just beneath the skin. I made his skin semi-translucent in showing the bony ridges of the HL's crown, cheek bones, and chin starting to emerge. Even the bridge of the HL's worn away nose is lying just under the skin. On his chest, the ridges of the HL's ribcage; you can see it most prominent right above the abs.

    In addition to upping the burnt detail of his clothing, the robes' tassel I made unique. Not only is it heavily burned, but the HL decided to basically brand his prize, etching over the vampiric symbols with his own. If you think they look familiar, you're right. They're the symbols on the Hylden standard from BO2. My little nod for continuity again.

    Burnt holes in the leather and robes show part of Janos' blue and burnt skin underneath, usually traveling the hottest path of veins. And in the areas that allow, so the part of the robes that aren't directly attached to the model, I'm able to erase holes right through them, as you an see. I left the tassel pretty shredded at the bottom. I also did this for the longer feathers on the wings.

    More information and pics can be found over in the Kain's Lament thread, as always.

    The Hylden: Update 01/29/13

    Revised Mortanius.

    With Hood:


    Without Hood:


    The Blood Omen 1 version of Mortanius was a truly inspired and hard to beat design. Noted as the most powerful wizard perhaps in all of Nosgoth, the connection to the Pillar of Death and its powers for the millennia he's been bound to serve took its toll on him, making him little more physically than a dried husk. That is how the Silicoln Knights FAQ page described him. I tend to think that, like Anacrothe's dabbling caused his scars, perhaps his look also came about partially due to the levels of which Mortanius went in his magic practices. The result is pretty much a being who looks very near the brink of death, himself, with either part of his body being skinned by the toll of it all, or he's also wearing, if you will it to be, a version of the Flesh Armor Kain also wore in BO1.

    That look is preserved here on his body as much as possible. Where things have to be worked with are the sash, the folds on his arms, and what were his baggy pants. To solve this, I made these sections wrapped and stretched skin. He's even branded into the skin the symbol of death and other Pillar symbols. (One part this is to keep continuity with Ariel and Moebius, both whom I have with symbols on their clothing, but also a recent retelling of BO1 in comic form, art by Dark-thief Salvatore Liccardo on Deviant art, had Mortanius with his death symbol carved into his mid section. For the record ). I tend to think perhaps the mutilation aspect could be partially intentional, bring his body closer to the brink in order to cross over to Spectral in his magics easier.

    His death mask is now reflective of BO1 Mortanius. The mask was very cooperative to change. I conceived his actual face and hands as weathered, near translucent skin that show a hint of his musculature and bones in some areas. When he uses the mask, it's basically him magically pulling free that weakened skin and muscle to show his actual skull underneath. Also, one other unique feature is I intentionally gave him no eyebrows.

    I've removed the long strip that went underneath his waste wrap, as it was getting in the way. I tried to make it first like the black waste wrap, but that didn't look good. I tried to make it more skin, but that seemed nasty, given it hangs down from his waste. So, luckily that was underneath of the top wrap around, so it wouldn't affect anything by deleting it. The boots are now all black leather. No more yellow wrapping thing over red shoes.

    *Note on the hood:
    You'll also notice that I've covered his head, since the hood of his from BO1 is now draped over his back and not used. I still wanted most of his hair covered. I think it keeps the focus on his face and ghastly appearance. In order to get mostly around the model's sculpted hair folds making this not work, I gave a broad highlight pattern in a solid black fabric hat/helmet, with god embroidery that hopefully distracts from the bumpiness of it at times riding over his hair.


    As long as the main characters are taking, a full re-skin of the entire areas will have to wait. This is, at least, a taste of the higher resolution that can be achieved.

    Turel screens are in the next post below.
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    Breaking this into a new post. Turel's skin:

    I wanted to return him as much as possible back to what he might have been in SR1, not only because I think the design is far better, but because I feel his skin and form should harken back to the rest of his brethren in some way, so the undead flesh textures they used for the lieutenants -- the color pallet and the macabre of it -- needed to return. Having remnants of his uniform from that time also is fitting to bridge that long time gap between eras, for me.

    The mandibles were changed to feel more like they are showing their purpose. If I was going to keep them at all, they had to look menacing, and had to show more of his mouth underneath. Turel can look quite menacing, but most of his features are covered by those things. Now, I have more of a weapon, long fangs that can stab and inject prey with venom, and help pull it into the mouth, if need be.

    His ears always felt ridiculously huge and the opposite of threatening. Those two large bony frames on his head in the SR1 concept were much more ideal. I draped tattered and worn flesh for his ear, that isn't so large and in your face.

    I loved the way the flesh on him is pulling apart in the SR1 textures, like part of his skin is morphing into armor, so that's represented on his face, chest, even his spine and hands and feet. His skin is always evolving, and parts of it has overtaken the tearing leather pants, almost merging the two into one skin.

    I also wanted the eyes to reflect what he is. The yellow with blood boarder, only with cateracts overtaking them, and the whites truly diseased and reddish. Something that says instantly vampire, and monstrous. Same with those teeth, which he had odd rodent teeth before and didn't look very realistic. Blackened his lips per the curse also.

    His skull looks to be covered much like a crab shell in the SR1 texture, possibly translucent and showing part of his brain underneath. I took that a little further and had parts of it actually exposing his brain, just because it felt right, and it also harkens back to another mad vampire in Magnus.

    (click image to enlarge)

    (click image to enlarge)

    (click image to enlarge)

    (click image to enlarge)

    (click image to enlarge)

    (click image to enlarge)

    Next up is Vorador.

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    I tried the 1.1 version and it seems to work great I don't have the GoG version, so perhaps someone else can vouch for that.

    Thank you for your efforts here. I think I'll make this a sticky for this section, for old and new users who stop by

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    Glad to know that I have been of any help, and what a better way to start in a forum but by contributing to it

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    Thanks a lot! I will give it a try. Man, if you can fix up SR2 as well, that would be totally awesome!

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    After searching for a widescreen fix for Soul Reaver 2, I only found a Code Breaker code to enable widescreen BUT for the Play Station 2 version, so I resumed my work. I got the models to scale properly, now I need the enviroment to scale too and I am done. Also its seems that code to render the cutscenes (not the movies) is different from the one used for the regular gameplay.

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    Related to this:

    This inspired me to finish what I wanted to do in taking the FMVs (the intro, epilogue, and credits) in Defiance and adapting them for 16:9 widescreen. Finally got them to be the same quality coming back in as they were going out, which was key.

    Edit: Back to the drawing board. I'll upload them as soon as a find a good file sharing service.

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    Hi, What is the offset for the aspect ratio of Defiance.

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    That would be fantastic, that way we can have the entire game in Widescreen Resolution

    In case the exe get lost in time or something I will post how to manually add widescreen, also to document the changes I made (hope it doesn't get to technical).

    Essentially I searched in Cheat Engine for 3F800000 (float value of 1), the game uses this value to handle the aspect ratio, everything get scaled with this value in mind.

    Next I found this value is stored at the memory region 00570998 but is assigned at runtime, then I opened OllyDBG and scan this memory region and have the program to show any calls to this address (what functions reads or writes to this).

    You will have the following:

    fdiv dword ptr [570998]
    FMUL DWORD PTR DS:[570998]
    FMUL DWORD PTR DS:[570998]
    FMUL DWORD PTR DS:[570998]
    fld dword ptr [570998]
    MOV DWORD PTR DS:[570998],3F800000
    Supposedly this last function is the one who assign the final value of 1 at 570998 but changing it to 0.75 (to have 16:9 aspect ratio) doesn't work.

    So I modified the other functions to read their value from [00544FB0] (a memory region that holds the value 0.75 statically i.e. not modified at run-time)

    Finally to summarize you just need to change the functions to this:
    fdiv dword ptr [544FB0]
    fld dword ptr [544FB0]

    Save the modifications and you will have widescreen support

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    This is great work you people are doing for the rest of the mortals. I am pleased. You shall be rewarded.
    "But I am dead. . . as are you!" - Kain

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    This is awesome, Marcelo. Say, is this patch only for 16x9 resolutions?

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    I checked around for anything better to upload the files to, as well as any easier method for people. Since I am sure this is the best route, I've uploaded the widescreen FMV links.

    ((Note: if you have an HDMI connection for your computer monitor, I've heard that this connection method plays the FMVs automatically in their correct aspect ratio and doesn't stretch them. I cannot verify that myself. It is worth nothing, though, if you are someone who might have trouble downloading files that are a few 100 MBs in size. Also, some graphic cards correct for the ratio, too. I've gone a step further, though, in removing the unused black matt area on the videos, which means the visible part fills the entire screen. This is the advantage now of these new videos.))

    I added them and instructions for the widescreen patches to the OP, Marcelo. Cleaned up the thread to make it nice and professional and as easy as possible for people

    Ok, so now we have the widescreen patch for the ingame and the FMV is now corrected. We have an official fully upgraded game

    Now that I know the formula for converting the files, also, the other games should be no problem (the videos, I mean. The ingame stuff is Marcelo's department ).

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    And I shall work in that department

    @Count D
    Nope, I can adjust the values for, say 16:10? though I don't think this trick would work for Eyefinity or Nvidia Surround, the engine have limits.

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    Great work
    Quote Originally Posted by Marcelo_20xx View Post
    Nope, I can adjust the values for, say 16:10? though I don't think this trick would work for Eyefinity or Nvidia Surround, the engine have limits.
    Personally I would love to see a 16:10 patch. Monitors in this aspect ratio may not be popular any more but many people still have them.

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    I've gone through the settings and found I can compress in Rad Tools a certain way without losing any visual or audio quality. I'm going to convert and re-upload these files. They'll be two thirds the size by the end. That should be far better on people wanting to download them (and for me trying to upload these and the other games' files...).

    Files have been updated. The links have not changed, so if you've already downloaded them, but would like them to take up less space, you can use the same links. Over half less space and they play easier on the processor, too.

    Update: Hold onto your butts, ladies and gents. I just discovered, after all of these years, how stinking easy it is to rip PS2 FMV. In short, all of my efforts before are null. These FMV files are almost completely uncompressed and blow the pixelated messes that are the PC FMV out of the water...

    Paradoks, remember that 70mb version you were talking about? Off of Defiance PS2, this one is (edit: it's 70; it comes with a 39MB .wav file of the audio in addition ), and it's truly amazing. I'll be doing a heck of a lot of updating... You guys need to see the FMV intro and end files, and the SR2 intro is off the wall (96 MBs).

    Damn, if only I'd have known how easy this was...

    Even more a bonus: the audio is not compressed with all of that digital noise I've always hated hearing in the FMVs

    Edit: Defiance's Intro is up. This is the best version from the PS2 disk, highest audio and visual quality.

    Edit 2: and there's the Prologue (end) file updated.

    Final edit: all files from the PS2 disk have now been updated.

    As I said earlier: This game is now completely supported in Widescreen, 16:9 format

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    Could you upload to some other host please, I tried as of now 12 times and I always get a error saying "Failed: the source can not be read" after downloading random amounts of MBs

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    Hm, I've just tried it, while not logged in on that site, and it worked. Just to make sure, you're not clicking on anything on the site, because it's set up to be directly downloaded.

    "Your file download should start immediately.

    If it does not start automatically, please click here to start the download process. "
    If that's not it, I'll check and see if it's giving trouble to anyone else. It would be a shame to have to change the host now. I just finished uploading the SR2 FMVs from the PS2. I was about to upload the links in the other thread...

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    OK I gonna try again, maybe is just that my ISP sucks, or I have some obscure problem with the router...

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    Try Defiance's end one (end.bik), as that's the smallest of the files at 75 MBs.

    Edit: so my own intro file works, except the sound stops midway through it. I have no idea why, but it looks like I'll have to convert it again.

    Meanwhile, I have to figure out another sound issue, and that's why the SR2 and BO2 ones don't play at all in the game, but play fine out of it.

    Ugh... This little project is becoming tedious.

    Edit 2: Found out after converting the video every way I could think of, that there is a sure way to add in audio, using the "mix in" feature for Rad Tools on any existing video file. For anyone who uses Rad Tools, this means you only need to bink the video portion of any file and it cuts down a bit on time. Mixing in the audio afterwards is super fast, so I used the uncompressed .wav file from the PS2 and I'm updating all of the files. They all work in Defiance. I've listened to these files more times than i can count by now...

    Also, I've figured out the issue with why SR2 and BO2 have problems playing their audio. The compression from bink needed to be the "old version," which is achieved by adding 100 to any value you have on the compression field. My 0 for lossless becomes 100, and voila.


    I'll be updating the SR2 videos in the other thread, right after finishing uploading these.

    I bought BO2 for PS2, since I've only had it for Gamecube and PC, so I'll be able to do those videos when I get it in the mail, which should only be a couple of days, or so. And we all know just how terribly compressed the PC fmvs are, so it's worth it to get the PS2 ones.

    Updated the OP with the links. I keep saying this, so I hope I don't jinx myself again... However, this should be done now. Onto SR2.

    Edit 3, 4? Removed the links once again. Sorry about this, but I can see the videos are just a tad too bright in the games. I just can't be satisfied with that. There's a standard contrast used in Bink that seems to look better. I'm going to update the files one last time.

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    I remember when I used to play with RAD games tools to port bik videos to other formats for further editing, it was a pain in the ass, I remembered too that the audio gave me lots of problems, eventually I figured what caused that, but since it was a long time ago and back then I didnt kept records of my editing like I do now, I lost any knowledge how I did that.

    I was trying to change Mass Effect bik videos to a lossless h264 format btw to make a FMV tribute of one of the females chars of that game.

    Also when I had the PS One some 8 years ago I used to rip the FMVs from almost every game I had with PSX Multi Converter, don't know if you have this tool too. But I am retired of video editing, don't have that much of free time I had back then.

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    It's a similar one and another one for the PS2 stuff.

    Yeah, it's been interesting, frustrating at times. I remember a while back we had major backs and forths trying to get the SR1 intro right for the GOG version after it was announced (which I'm going to update with the better version also). The thing about all video conversions and editing is the damn time it all takes. So much time just waiting around to find out what you did didn't work, lol I am and editor and director by trade, so I am used to the aggravation, I guess... Ok, you never really get used to it, lol... I thought I had it a couple of times ago and here I am finally thinking all is set now.

    I have figured it right on both sound and video, finally. I also was able to figure out how to make the sound on the ones on SR2 and eventually BO2 work without any hitches. Copy the bink32.dll file from Defiance and replace the others with it. Luckily, there's been a good amount of info on my problems in the FAQs and on a couple of forums. It's a good amount of work, indeed. I wouldn't bother if it weren't for this series and that every time I play them on PC I get irritated at the compression on the FMVs, especially the audio. I hate that the PS2's videos sound better than the PC, so it's more than high time to finally correct that

    Ok, I'm uploading brand new links this time, as I think when I was updating the files before, it was messing with people still downloading the previous versions, even after I removed the files from here. If that was what was happening to you, sorry for that. These files are now the best both audio and visual possible.

    Also, I'm going to make an edit in the OP to let people know that downloading these new FMV files aren't mandatory, as these are bonuses, but your patches are the main focus of the thread. I don't want to confuse people.

    Edit: ok, I've got to check something. If the visual fidelity might actually be better on PC for the videos (at least for these on Defiance). Also, I realized that have to use the PC credits fmv, so as not to leave out the names of those for the PC versions mentioned...

    Edit: Looks like the PS2 ones are the best ones. You can see a tad more sharpness at times in the PC's background, but the compression is such that at times it's jagged and pixelated. The PS2 ones are much smoother. I'll update the PC credits in a bit.

    Credits updated

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    Nope, no luck, I already tried dozen of times downloading from that host without success, I can download things from other pages just fine.

    Could you upload it to another host please? thanks. Also is someone else having the same problems or is just me?

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    I'd also like to know if others are having problems.

    I have this from the FAQ on ADrive:

    Q: Which Internet browsers are compatible with ADrive and what settings do I need to use to make them work properly?
    ADrive supports the use of Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. To experience the full features of ADrive, please configure your browser settings to the following:
    1. Cookies enabled
    2. Internet Explorer security set to medium-high or lower
    3. JavaScript turned on
    4. It is recommended that Internet Explorer's information/download bar be disabled and ActiveX be enabled. We are working to support Google Chrome, but do not support full compatibility with Google Chrome at this time.

    Are you by chance using Chrome?

    Meanwhile, I'm on the hunt for something better. Finding large file hosts that don't want to charge me and are reputable ... it's not so easy, unfortunately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Hylden View Post
    I'd also like to know if others are having problems.
    I just checked Defiance intro and it work fine for me.
    Meanwhile, I'm on the hunt for something better. Finding large file hosts that don't want to charge me and are reputable ... it's not so easy, unfortunately.
    What's wrong with Hotfile?

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    It has a 400 MB limit. For a couple of these files, I'd have to compress more to get them under it -- Defiance: credits; SR2: intro and credits, etc...

    If it winds up being the best method, I might do it.

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