Thread: [PATCH] in-game regular lag

[PATCH] in-game regular lag

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    [PATCH] in-game regular lag

    Hi everyone

    I found several threads here talking about regular mini-lags in the mini-ninjas game, and have been personally concerned by it.

    After having read several topics, it seems that the problem came from several input devices.

    This is why I developed a small patch ton my own hat can be used to easily inhibit this bug each time you want to play the game, without having to buy a new input device or unplug unused ones...

    The zip file is located here :
    mini ninjas patch

    You will find the instructions in English inside the archive.

    This patch needs to be run each time you launch the game, since I cannot directly modify the exe file (or steam users would have steam to overwrite it). I am currently working on a better patch that could be automatically run at game runtime.

    If you have any problems or comments, feel free to post a comment or send me a mail to the instruction's provided e-mail address.

    Hop you'll enjoy it.

    PS : sorry for the English mistakes, if any

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    Update :

    a user reported that the checker didn't return anything...
    a list exe has been created, to list all devices on the system, to allow the user to send me back which devices should be taken into account, and allow me to patch this...

    the file now comes with 4 exes :
    "HID check.exe" => same as "checker.exe", but with an additional "press a key to continue..."
    "HID ListAll.exe" => the new exe. List all devices with an additional string (eg. null, tcp, ....). If the checker does not return what is needed, please send me a PM to tell me which of the listed devices should be taken in account (with their additional value !!!)
    "HID Disable.exe" and "HID Enable.exe" => same as "Disable HID.exe" and "Enable HID.exe"