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Final Fantasy Tactics - Vita

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    Final Fantasy Tactics - Vita

    If they could do a remake or a sequel of the second one on vita and 3DS it would be nice

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    Red Face (Embarrassed) FFTA on 3DS and vita :D

    There not many tactic game on Vita, well not many that i like, and i wanted to know if it was possible to do a remake, an export or simply a sequel for all fan like me . It would be nice if it came on 3DS and vita, and if we could play online whit people of both console, it could help us make friend interconsole

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    Originally Posted by dragoduval
    If they could do a remake or a sequel of the second one on vita and 3DS it would be nice
    What do you mean second one, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance IS the second Final Fantasy Tactics game
    The first one was on PS1 and ported to PSP
    And Nintendo has their name all over it so it would never be released on anything other then a Nintendo console/handheld

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    Hello Everyone !!

    im here to ask square,

    what about some tittle like finalfantasy tacics for psvita?
    ive been waiting for a while, a long long long time , and at now, NOTHING ! hehe just kiding, but seriously you can make a game like final fantasy tactics, and many players like me loves this type of game ! I am Brazilian and here they dont make games like japaneses.
    and final fantasy tactics all of then was wonderfull I played ALL !! and me and more than 500,000 players are waiting for a title like final fantasy tactics or the same genre ( tactics/rpg )
    even if u make an port of final fantasy the war of the lyons or tactics advanced for gamboy, but with better graphics and new skill more elaborated just not diferent names with the same animation will be greatfull !!!!!!!! you know ?

    im sorry if I say some impossible things or anything wrong, that was not my objective.
    my objective behind is to bring more games tactics rpg for psvita that is full of indies games !! is not bad, but is overfull of tittles that have no sucess. and Final Fantasy is THE best game of this genre... yes I AM A BIG FAN , whats the problem? hehehe

    is just a suggestion, but thing about it... and im sorry with some sentences my english is poor

    so square, what about you ?