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Thread: Why was Vorador turned into a vampire?

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    Squid, I think you're confusing the raising of the Pillars and the calling of the Guardians for them. These SR2 murals:

    ...Raziel explained as the raising of the Pillars, so these Ancients you see there turning them on and using them to banish the Hylden are their creators, not the Guardians called by the Pillars to guard them afterward. In fact, Daniel Cabuco's larger full version of this mural is called "Creating the Pillars." You see in the mural that the Pillars are not fully formed, but are being formed out of pure energy that are from the sorcerers' spell casting there.

    This mural later in Defiance:

    Is labeled by Raziel and is its very name, the Summoning of the Guardians. So, the ones that banished the Hylden seem to be the very ones that raised the Pillars to begin with, not the Guardians called to protect the binding afterward.
    There are 5 Creators in mural 1 and 4 Guardians in mural 2 being "summoned" ... could those 4 being summoned just be the EXTRA guardians to make it 9?

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    That's hot. The math checks out, too!
    You should probably add "Ancient Codebreaker and Seer of Many Things" to your list of kingly titles, Sirrah!

    First the 4 elements are used by a construction crew to raise the columns,
    Then after it's built 4 interior decorators are 'summoned' to finish making the planet "Fabulous!" by hanging multicolored drapery on the pillars.
    Lastly, the work crew's foreman commands the 5th Element, which is Love. (According to the movie). (That's why everybody loves Kain & Mila Jovovich).

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    I like your take on it. lol
    I was once a vampire prophet like you... then I took an arrow to the knee.

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